Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One more week and we get back to normal

well.....what passes for normal in my world. I finished a few co-worker gifts last night so I could bring them all in today to pass out. We are having our office "party" tomorrow but not everyone will be here. We will find out who our secret Santa's are...speaking of which.....note to self....DO NOT participate again next year. I seem to get picked by the person that doesn't get into the spirit of the "leave little hints, gifts, etc the week before the party". I have been doing that for the person I drew but I haven't received they first hint or small trinket....hmmmmmmmmm...maybe they are saving up for a super fabulous gift tomorrow. We'll see.
I still have a few items to finish up and then I'll be a wrapping fool on Saturday. My DS goes to his dads for the weekend and that will give me a chance to pull everything out and spread out on the living room floor. The kids will be coming over Sunday afternoon and will be with us until Mid day on Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, we are having the folks over to our house for Christmas dinner (actually lunch since the kids have to leave about 2pm). My aunt (please pronounce it with the New England aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or she will hit me on Monday) and her husband will be joining us as they are coming down from NY. She hasn't seen the new house so I guess I better finish decorating!! They are calling for rain so that could put a damper...no pun intended....on our eating out on the patio (oops, sorry...Lanai). We don't have a dining room table and our kitchen table only seats four so our 8 seater on the Lanai is our only "formal sit-down table". Guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
My co-workers and I just got back from eating lunch at a Vietnamese place and I feel as full as a tick. I really should have turned down the invite to go and ate the chicken left overs I brought from last night. Maybe I can convince myself to pass up dinner. I need to stop at Wally World after work to pick up a few things so maybe I can talk HSS & DS into eating left overs before I get home. I've regained the 3 lbs I'd lost last week. Think it's from all the sweets that are a constant fixture during this time of year? There were 6 dz Krispy Kreme donuts in the kitchen this morning and by noon they had been joined by a basket of cookies & muffins. One of the advantages/disadvantages of working for a state agency....every vendor brings us goodies.
Not a lot to talk about today but didn't want to disappoint my loyal followers. I'll try to find something witty to say tomorrow. Till then I'll leave you with one of my favorite questions:
"What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

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