Saturday, December 23, 2006

Presents are wrapped & the Bulls are on TV

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I finished the outside decorations this morning. I bought a few pointsettas last night and added them to the front yard. They look really pretty. Speaking of pretty, our main Christmas catus is full of blooms.
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I spent a few hours wrapping gifts last night and got them under the tree. Here's a peak at the tree & presents. The Santa is a vintage Coke Santa that originally would have had a bottle in his hand. It is one of two cardbord Coke Santas I have. He looks really cool standing next to the tree. He was on the Lanai to entertain the golfers but with the rain we brought him inside.
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I'm getting ready to finish the last of my DD's gifts. I realized I forgot to take pictures of the other things I made before wrapping them...arg!! I'll just have to take pictures after she opens them.

I've got the "Papa Johns" Bowl game on since the USF Bulls are playing. My DD is at the game so I keep scanning the crowd for her. We are taping it so I can always go back later & take a closer look. So far the Bulls are dominating the East Carolina Pirates. It's half time so we'll see what happens in the second half.

I just wanted to check in & see how everyone is doing on this day before the day before Christmas. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and not freaking out with last minute stuff.

BTW, here is the calendar I made for my Secret Santa co-worker. 
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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, everything looks great! Love the santa by the tree, gorgeous Christmas cactus, it's blooming so nicely...
and last but not're front entryway looks FABULOUS. SO inviting.