Thursday, December 28, 2006

After Christmas sales

I avoided the after Christmas sales ......until this morning. I decided to check Target for lights as I wanted to add to the Icicle ones we had this year. I'd gotten our current ones at a yard sale for $1 a box but they only went on the front and not the sides or back. I also wanted some of those spiral trees & maybe some "animals" or figures. I ended up getting 6 boxes of Icicles @ 2.99 a box, a 42" lighted Doe & two boxes of spiral trees. The trees were the smaller ones but they were all they had. I had to return two pairs of DS's jeans to Wally World so I did & then checked their light selection. They were cleaned out but I managed to find one poor, lonely, small lighted doe in a torn up box. We checked and it appears to be all there. When I got it to the car & put it next to the Target one..I realized the WW one was half the size of the other one. That will look cute as it will look like a momma & baby. I think that is enough for next year's landscape. I'm trying to avoid tacky so I didn't buy any of the Blow up items. I'm sure my neighbors will appreciate that! LOL.
I heard from the kids yesterday and they had just arrived in NC. My DS was all excited about a place they are going today where he can "tube" down REAL SNOW MOM!!!!! I sure hope he has fun and someone remembers to take pictures. I wish I could be with them. Sorry....moment of pity party of one.
Not a-lot going on today. Trying to decide on a "date" but nothing firm yet. You would think after 30+ years & another 2 years waiting for the "OK" I'd have this figured out already but NOPE. Any Ideas??
Till later..................................