Tuesday, December 26, 2006

365 days till Christmas

Maybe 366..I didn't check to see if 2007 is a leap year. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Ours didn't turn out like it was planned but it was very nice anyway. None of the relatives came over so the four of us had a nice dinner and a few quiet hours before the kids left for their dads.
Let me start from the beginning. As our story ended last time, I was up getting food into the oven & the rest of the family was asleep. My HSS woke about 8-ish and we drank coffee for about an hour, resting up before the day started. I was about to wake the kids up when my cell phone rang. It was my son....calling from his bedroom....."Mom, I have to go to the bathroom, can I come out??" LOL!!! I told him yes but not to look in the living room. I went & got his sister & hid her eyes and brought her into the living room to wait for her brother. When we finally had them both in the living room-eyes closed, we told them to go ahead & open their eyes so they could see what Santa had brought them.
We spent the next hour opening gifts, taking pictures & enjoying each others reactions to what they got. My HSS was taking pictures with the "good" digital camera while I took pictures with the smaller one. Between the two of us we got some good shots. I was to tired to put them on line, print or order pictures last night so it will be a few days before I can share them with you all. Check back for the fabulous family moments. I took pictures of all the KD stuff I had made DD (she LOVED it all) so you'll get to see them too.
The kids are now with their dad and on their way to SC & then to NC for the week. Don't forget to do my worrying for me if you are so inclined. I stopped by his apartment this morning on my way to work to give the kids another hug before they headed out. They thought I was silly for doing it but I really wanted to see them & kiss & hug them....so I did! I'm the mom, it's my right to be silly.
Did anyone go out shopping this morning?? Not me. I have 4 pieces of clothing to exchange and I wasn't about to do it with the crazy people out there today. My Joanns GC that I got is burning a hole in my pocket but it can wait a couple days. I will probably send my digital prints to CVS tonight to be developed and check out their after Christmas sale stuff but that's about it. I still have wrapping paper......I have NO MONEY...and there is nothing I need soooooooooooooooo.......you all have fun and tell me all about your fabulous finds.
Well, as usual, I'm at work and obviously not working so I better close for now and do something productive. I hope you all have a safe rest of the holiday season. Till later................

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