Friday, December 22, 2006

Who's at work today??

ME :-( It is really quiet around here. I have a pile of stuff I've been putting off all week but as you can see I'm still not working on it. I had good intentions when I came in today but as soon as I sat down my phone rang. You have to was only 8:30am (which is EARLY for me) and my phone NEVER rings. It turned out to be my favorite co-worker who is OFF today calling to "Thank" me for helping another co-worker that is having a problem. ??????? I had no idea what she was talking about as the other co-worker hadn't approached me yet. I won't go into details but I wrote a letter (I'm kinda famous for my letters to get things done) and am waiting to see if it will be needed. Another co-worker is trying to help her and if that doesn't work, we'll try the letter. That took several hours so here I am at 11am and haven't done the first lick of work. I really need to at least send out the PCP letters that should have gone out last week. Oh...and put comments on all the patient accounts that I mailed information to...................and make the 6 charts...............and copy & mail stuff to another agency..............crap, I really should get this stuff done. Perhaps if other people around me appeared to be working it would inspire me. Nah. I'm just not in the mood.

The sky is dark, we are expecting rain for the weekend and possibly on Christmas day. My DD is driving to Birmingham, Al for the USF game...........yeah..Bowl Game on I'm a little worried about her traveling at this time of the year and in bad weather. I guess I'll just try not to worry. My HSS says worrying is a sign you don't trust God. I understand that but I come from a long line of's in our blood. I will try and not worry. If anyone else wants to do it for me, I can't stop you.

We watched MI3 last night. Yes, we may be the last people on the planet to see it but hey...we have a life!! Anyway, it was typical MI, action packed and pretty good. My HSS said he gets a kick out of watching movies with me because of my reaction to things. I jump, I close my eyes, I squeeze his hand at scary parts, I cry....etc. I told him, "Hey, they spend millions of dollars to make the stuff look real. The least I can do is react." He laughed and said it wasn't a bad thing..he just doesn't watch them with the "involvement" I do.

I have a few things to finish up for my DD and all my wrapping to do so my weekend will be fun. My DS leaves tonight for his dads so I'll drag the stuff out and get to work as soon as he leaves. I will post pictures of the stuff I made her after Christmas. I sure hope she likes it. I never know with her. I made her a scrapbook for Graduation and she actually cried when she opened it. I NEVER expected that kind of reaction. I'm sure hope my DS will enjoy the stuff he's getting since none of it is Video game related. I got him stuff to get his butt outside!!

Ok, better try & tackle this pile on my desk. I would like to leave early and get home before the rain starts & my DS leaves for the weekend. Till we meet again, a special hello to my "almost" SIL & my niece in Georgia. Thanks for looking.

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Lisa D:) said...

Oh my gosh Cheryl *I* watched MI-III last night too!!! And, I was hiding, jumping and cringing at parts as well! Too funny...

So, did ya get any work done today afterall? I've basically been walking in circles all day...oh, except for when I sat and actually read cover-to-cover TWO scrapbook magazines!