Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Friday of 2006

......and I'm at work. I think there is a grand total of 10 people here today. I will put in my 6 hours and then go home! I'm looking forward to the weekend. Three days alone with my HSS before DS comes home. I know we've been alone all week but I've had to work so it doesn't really count. We have nothing planned but will enjoy being together. They are predicting rain again so we'll be snug as bugs as we have nowhere to go. I may start my holiday scrapping or if I really feel frisky.........start straightening up the garage to get ready to put up the Christmas decorations. I usually don't take down my decorations until after the 6th............after I have another week to piddle.
I did all my returns last night after work. (ARG!!!!!!) I hit several more Targets trying to get more lights as I hadn't gotten enough to finish the house. Neither of the ones I went to had the same lights but the Brandon one did have another lighted Doe and after I bought it I realized it was animated. COOL!!!! So now we will have three. I may have to borrow some antlers from HSS's hunting stuff to make one of them a Buck. I ended up finding the same lights for the same price as Target at Joanns. I went ahead and used my GC for some stuff I could have lived without and got 6 more boxes of lights. When I return the ones I got that were to small, they will pay back my GC money. (It's my logic..don't try & figure it out)
I stopped at Wally World again this morning because I'd read some of them were clearancing their Cricut stuff. Alas, the one on BBD wasn't but I did pick up some Note card sets that are embossed but blank on the front & inside. I figured I could use them for a base and add to them since they came with envelopes & were only $1. I also picked up some clearance light clips for putting the lights on to the roof.......duh....I forgot them yesterday. I picked up a rug that I hope will fit the entry of our house as we need a "wipe your feet mat". I also got a SCALE. Now I really have no excuse to get back on track.
Well, the first of the month is our busiest time so I have things I MUST do today. Darn it!!!! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years weekend. I can tell you we will NOT be getting married this weekend. We decided to get one last BIG tax break before Uncle Sam dings us next year. I'm going to miss being POOR, single, & Head of household........LOL. Not enough to not change my marital status but why give the government any more of my money than they already got this year? Give some back!!!!! Maybe I can use the return for a honeymoon. Otherwise it will be the free night at the local Comfort Inn that we earned during all those trips to Georgia last year. With my luck that offer has expired. Speaking of offers.....I need to send in my receipts for a free set of Cricut mats for buying the cartridges "Santa" gave me for Christmas......better run.....till next time.........................


Loretta said...

Hey, you could get married on my birthday, the 7th! Then I'd be guaranteed to remember your anniversary, despite my "chemo brain", lol. :-)

Michele L from Tampa said...

Sorry it was just the Cricut Machine itself that was on sale. Cartidriges are not yet at least. Proud of me not buying? I am!