Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eating crow

OK, so how bad do I feel? After all the belly aching about my Secret Santa not giving me clues or trinkets it turned out to be a good friend of mine that is out on MATERNITY LEAVE. DUH!!!!! I should have figured it out when one of her friends was snooping around my desk last week. I kinda thought it must be the girl snooping but then I didn't get any hints. My Secret Santa came to the party today with her adorable baby boy and gave me the BIGGEST bottle of my favorite wine, dark chocolate Hershey kisses & bath beads. I told her how sorry I was for all the bad things I had said about her on here. She laughed..luckily she knows me well enough not to take me seriously.
My person seemed to like the calendar & even the tacky pointsetta. She said she didn't have any decorations at home so it was perfect. She's probably kidding but it was nice of her to say.
My DD & her cousin came by and had some food with us before heading to the beach. YES, I said the beach. Oh, to be young and carefree and live in Florida. I feel sorry for anyone up's 80-ish here. The nights are cooler but the days are 70-80 degrees.
I wish I could take a nap but I really need to do alittle work & earn my pay. THANKS again to my SS for all my great stuff. Now I'm going to go write "I will not say mean things about people anymore" at least 10000000000 times......LOL.

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