Monday, December 18, 2006

Anyone have connections in the Traffic department?

I've been trying to find a status on the truck driver from Friday. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the company listed on the side of his truck. I called the Highway Patrol and they have no record of an accident on that road at that time of day. I may try & call the Tampa Police department tomorrow. If anyone has connections please ask about a one vehicle accident at approximately 10-10:10 am on 12/15/2006. Truck vs power pole on Morris Bridge Road just North of Cross Creek Blvd. in New Tampa. The Cross Creek fire department responded so if anyone has a fireman connection...let me know.

In the mean time, let's continue to pray for the driver and his family if the out come was less than favorable. I'm worried that it was bad since the truck was still in the area almost 6+ hours after the accident. That is usually not a good sign.

I have some Christmas projects for work that have to get finished tonight so not sure you'll hear from me until tomorrow. Have a great night.

PS...for the people that know my DD and are SHOCKED at her change of hair color....she is almost 19, she didn't ask me before she did it, she likes it and at least she didn't put another piercing in her body!! Maybe she wants to be taken more serious...maybe she just felt like a change....who knows?? She is her mothers daughter in that she marches to her own drummer. Speaking of which, she just called and asked if I happen to have on an ugly Christmas sweater she could wear to a party tonight. Instead of being insulted I told her NO, but I have on a Christmas vest you may find tacky. I'm on my way to drop it off for her to borrow. LOL!!!

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