Sunday, January 13, 2008

Added BONUS post

I was going to wait and post this tomorrow but I've decided to go ahead and show you my treasures now. I read on a fellow blog that a scrapbooking store near me was going out of business. While that didn't surprise me, I found it amusing that someone from 20+ miles away knew a store that is two miles away from me was closing before I did.

In fairness, the store pretty much sucked and I had been there about a month ago and there was no indication that it was closing. The fact that I drive by their little handmade sign mostly at night, on a PITCH BLACK road, didn't help me get the 411 on the closing.

After the Karate event (see post below for shameless bragging) I took the boy to lunch and then had him wait in the car while I checked out the sale.

(Before you call CPT on me, he's almost 13..he was in his Karate gear and stayed to eat his lunch. The fact that he claims I took 45 minutes has nothing to do with anything. He didn't want to come in anyway and besides, I took him after I was finished shopping to the Bread store and let him buy a day old cupcake. What do you want from me.??)

So, as I was saying....I went and checked things out and at 50% off managed to find a couple things. She had a ton of paper left but I was after the tools baby...

A few stamps, a few containers of embossing powders, a couple stamp pads, some odd color "Cats eyes" & tools for them, a couple journaling pens and the "Newest" item in the store in the Q&C felt pieces.

This marks the 2nd and last of the Local Craft stores in my areato close in recent weeks. The closest craft store now is 20 miles away. Guess I really should use this as an excuse to USE THE STUFF I HAVE and stop buying more.

I will, right after I spend my GC at Papertreyink on the 15th for their new releases. Oh, and my $10 GC to Cornishheritagefarms for the December referral winnings.

If I don't post tomorrow you can't fault me.

I'm spent.

No pun intended.

til later................


Michele L from Tampa said...

that was some great finds especially the cats eyes tool - I got one tool for xmas - that pack has three - way cool! did they have more of them or are they now closed

Jenn said...

Cracking up - day old cupcake! LOL I'm a reg. at our breadstore & my boys love the 10 for $1 buggy. They get their day old Cherry Pies or Powdered Donuts! LMAO