Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year-Fresh Start

Happy New Years 2008.


Where did 2007 go? It seriously flew by. I can't believe in a couple short months we will be celebrating our FIRST Anniversary.

How did you spend your New Years Eve? Have you gotten out of bed yet? How many aspirin did you need to take to function? How many BOWL games did you watch so far? Speaking of Bowl games, I'm really glad I didn't pay to fly to Texas to support the Bulls. OUCH!!!!! Between them and the BUCS all I can say is thank goodness for the Patriots!!
Let me bring you up to speed on my exciting weekend. It's kinda long so you may want to get a snack or take a potty break before you scroll any further.

Yesterday the DS and I went Bowling. We almost DIDN'T go bowling . The DS started giving me a hard time as soon as we left the house because I didn't want to drive 20+ miles to bowl at the Alley he and his dad use. Sorry, our little neighborhood one is just as good and I'm not driving ALL the way across town to a certain location.
Once we got the location settled, and he saw that the local Bowling Alley had finished their outside renovations, he calmed down a little. That is until he discovered that we would not be using Bumpers. Seems his dad still lets him use Bumpers when they bowl together(and apparently lets him win sometimes..but that's another story). I informed him that at 12 years of age he was WAY to old to be using Bumpers and that I was not going to TRY and beat him but I also was not going to throw the game.

After game one of three, there was a "discussion" about whether we would continue bowling or would I get a refund and we'd leave.
Sidebar.......I HATE bowling next to people and especially when they have little kids that they help walk up to the foul line and roll the ball and then STAND there while it takes the 10 minutes to roll down to the pins or land in the gutter and make it to the end of the lane. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you are spending precious time with your little one and they are to little to throw the ball. I'm just asking you to be aware of people trying to bowl next to you and MOVE YOUR DARN KID so we can go next.

Thank you.

Because of the irritation with the DS and the added "cuteness factor" of the lane next to us, I went to the front counter and requested we be allowed to move down a few empty lanes. Wish was granted. DS and I had a "Come to Jesus" talk and he agreed to quit acting like a 2 year old and we proceeded to have a good time for the last two games.
Yes, he beat me one of those games but not by much.

After leaving the alley, we stopped by Sonic and had some refreshments. (BTW-did you know that even if it is their mistake when you asked for an Empty cup and they give you ice in it-they charge you? Did you also know that even if you ask if your DS can have half M&Ms and Half Reese's cups in his Sonic Smoothee and they say YES, they will charge you 50 cents each for the candies even though they didn't mention that and their sign doesn't tell you of the charge? Can you tell I was alittle irritated at the Sonic people? Not my fault you are working there on New Years Eve. Customer Service. None)
We expected to have a huge firework display last night from our backyard neighbor since they had built a big concrete bunker in front of their house. They usually do a TON of fireworks for the 4th of July. We waited until 11:45pm, gathered our sparklers, Grape "Bubbly cider" , New Years bottles of bubbles and headed to the porch to be amazed. Didn't happen. They were either too drunk by then or we missed something. Apparently they did make quite alot of noise about 3am but somehow I slept through it.

DS did have fun with the sparklers. Take a look:

I got up this morning and made a real breakfast and the rest of the day has been spent looking up stuff on the computer, watching more football, realizing that my printer doesn't feel like printing, organizing the computer desk, locating lots of discs-cables-paper-etc, that I didn't know we had. I even found a memory card that I think may be the one we gave to DD to take to Italy a couple years ago.

Since I am trying to be a better poster of "Projects" and since I was mentioned again on ScrapScene.....cough..hmmmmm...
I will leave you with a couple projects I completed this weekend. I'd have another one to share but as you read above, my printer isn't cooperating and I can't finish without it. The first is for my co-worker that is about to start her cancer treatments. I bought the stamp from Kim at MFT and made a Journal for her to record her thoughts, feelings, treatment notes-etc. I made a matching note card. The images were stamped and then stamped again on various pieces of paper, cut out and glued to original image to make the clothes. I added some Glossy Accents to the flowers and ribbons. I decided to have the ribbon on the outside of the book instead of gluing it under the inside cover. I tied it to the binding and wove it under the image on the front cover so it shouldn't fall completely off when she has it open to write inside. The paper is the Glitter Stack from DCWV.
What do you think?

The other project I have to share is just a composition book that I have been gluing card sketches, pictures of cards I've made and other card ideas into. I finally covered it and used my Cricuit cartridge "Printing Press" to make the title. I glued the ribbon inside the front cover to use to tie it closed. The paper is one of my favorites from the Anna Griffin cardmaking kit I got last year from QVC.
So, there you have it. A LONG, exciting , catch up post to start your new year. Hope you have a Healthy, Happy New Year and that 2008 is filled with friendship, laughter and crafts..or what ever else makes you happy.
My sister tagged me with a "2007 recap" sort of thing. I don't feel like thinking that hard right now. Alot of other sites are giving you their resolutions for 2008. Don't feel like doing that either. I will bore you all (more) with that in a few days. Besides, the longer before I tell them to you the longer before I break them....LOL.
Til later.....................


Jenn said...

Sounds like you had quiet the day bowling, lol. I can't believe someone still lets him use Bumpers!!!! That's nuts, lol.
I really like that journal idea (It was very pretty too). I hope you have a good new year.

Denise said...

Happy New Year Hun! LOVE the Journal!