Friday, December 14, 2007

Gift of Life

I took this straight from "Mel from Art Warehouse"'s blog. She already challenges each of us to do Random Acts of Kindness on Thursdays and now has reminded us of an important thing we can do that costs nothing but can mean the world to another person. Be an Organ donor. Like Mel, I've always had the box checked on my drivers license. I've tried to be sure everyone knows my wishes so they can say YES when/if ever asked. What about you??

I challenge each you today...flip over your drivers license...are you a donor? Do you have all the little boxes check and have you signed the sticker on the back of your drivers license to be a donor?

If you would like to find out more on how to become a donor, here is some links that will help you.
Get Started
Register with your state donor registry.More information on how to register to be a donor in your state. Most states, but not all, have donor registries.

Designate your decision on your driver’s license. Do this when you obtain or renew your license.
Sign a donor card now. Carry the donor card with you until you can designate your donation decision on your driver’s license or join a donor registry.

Download a page of eight donor cards to print and sign.

Order a free donor card that will be mailed to you.

Talk to your family now about your donation decision. Help your family understand your wish to be an organ and tissue donor before a crisis occurs. Then they will be prepared to serve as your advocate for donation.

Thanks Mel for the reminder.

Til later..............


Kip said...

Great reminders Cheryl!

Jenn said...

Thanks Cheryl! I am an Organ Donor and have always made it known. Great reminder, especially at this time of year.

Denise said...

Thanks Cheryl! I have been an organ donor since I first got my license. I've also made sure that my family is aware of my wishes no matter what. Told them I'd haunt them too.. hehe