Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Gift Pics

Since my MIL already opened her gifts, I can give you a peek at what I made her. I decided after the "LATE" birthday card tragedy that I would make her a box and send her cards to have on hand. I can still make her special ones but these would be handy to mail as the spirit moves her. The tin came from JustLetMeScrapbook in Georgia. (LONG story about that order and I still don't feel comfortable ordering from her again so won't give you the website. You can locate it on your own if you wish) I covered the tin with some pretty paper (I think it is from the Anna Griffin pad I have) wrapped ribbon around the tin lid/edge and along the bottom of the paper. The word cards was cut using my Sizzlet alphabet and the flowers were stacked-held together wit a MM jewel brad, and then glue dotted to the front. I used Stickles to make the dots on the yellow flower. It sparkles in person. I tied various ribbons to the handle and then filled the tin with cards.

These cards were from a kit I got from Stampin Up. They made 10 cards, 5 each of the two different styles.

I wanted her to have more cards for different occasions so I included a plastic box with another 10 cards. I decorated the box but apparently forgot to take a picture of it in my haste to get the box mailed. Here are the other cards.

I made her a Christmas Ornament but apparently I forgot to take a picture of that either. DARN. It was really pretty if I do say so myself.
How is your Pre-Christmas weekend going? I got out of bed at 8am yesterday, ran by a neighborhood yard sale and then decided to head to KMart to pick up my RX . I picked up a couple things to finish my Christmas stocking stuffings and then was home by 10am. After the DS left at 11, I headed back to bed and stayed there until about 6pm watching things I had on the DVR. I didn't make much of a dent in the saved stuff but that was as long as I could stand to be "Lazy".
Today, after our routine of watching "Sunday Morning" I went into the DS's bedroom and started going through the ton of totes that we stacked in there. I pulled out some decorations and scattered them around the house. It still isn't the level of years past but I feel alittle better seeing each room with a little bit of Christmas cheer. I also discovered the TONS of stuff I bought last year on "After Christmas Clearance" that was supposed to be gifts to co-workers etc. Oh well, guess that means I really don't need to go shopping this year.
Speaking of little gifts, I left a package for the trash men yesterday and a card with gift certificate in the mail box for our postal carrier. I hope they appreciated the thought.
For the rest of the day I need to print off some instructions for the DS's gift and then start wrapping. I may do some other crafts tonight or tomorrow. Depends on my mood. I'm enjoying the "quiet Time" with my DH so will play it by ear.
Hope you have a very happy holiday. We are looking forward to having the kids back and then my Sister, Nephew & mom will be joining us for Christmas "Lupper"....
Til later..................


Kip said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Cheryl!!

Jenn said...

I wish I was coming for dinner! I'm making dinner though, so I guess it works out. Love you guys. Merry Christmas. Be on the look out for 100's of pics.

Denise said...

Love the card tin and the cards.. My MIL is getting an IOU for a card tin and cards. I wanted to use my cricut to make them so she'll have to wait till Santa brings it to me.. hehe

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful day!