Sunday, December 2, 2007

MFC Christmas Party

I'm exhausted but wanted to share some pictures before I call it a night. When you are finished here...scroll down a bit and check out the second Thomas Kincade card I've featured. It came up as a "November post" because I had saved it in draft form and can't figure out how to change the date.

Yesterday the DS and I went to the Medical Foster Care party for the kids we case manage. I can't show you any pictures of them due to Hippa laws but wanted to share a couple of the boy, me & Santa.

Goofy boy will never smile for a picture.

Here I am with my favorite man, after my DH of course!!!
We pulled all the stuff out of the garage today so we could get to the Christmas decorations. We spent the better part of the day pulling out, going through boxes and then setting up the display for the front yard. I purchased all these at clearance sales last year after the holidays.
I didn't realize I'd captured the rainbow effect until I loaded the picture. Cool huh??
This is what it looked like after the sun went down. The top of one of the large trees is not lit & half of the small reindeer too. I tried to figure out the problem but the sketers were carrying me away so it will have to do for now. We will do the outside lights on the house later in the week.
We dragged the "inside stuff" into the house and it is piled up in the DS's room until I can get my scrap stuff cleared out of the dining area. I don't have the energy tonight. We also decided to use the Artificial tree I bought for $5 last year on clearance instead of a real one. We figured we'd save the money this year plus it will be awhile before we could go tree shopping and by then it will only have a couple weeks left to live. DH said we could spray PINE on the artificial one but my sinuses say NO.
How was your weekend??
Til later..............


Jenn said...

Very cool decorations!!

Jenn said...


devonpeter said...

The yard looks great, stopped by my house the other day & saw them


Lisa D said...

The lights look great, as do the cards. wow! You've been busy Cheryl!