Friday, December 21, 2007

Blink of an eye

I can't believe Christmas is TUESDAY. Wow!! I can't believe that the house isn't decked out yet. I'm not stressing. Our lights never got up on the outside of the house. I didn't put any decorations out except for the tree and the DS actually did that. That is NOT like me. I have thousands of decorations and they are still in the totes.

DS is so excited to be getting out of school today for two weeks. He has a party at Karate tonight but the library is also having a party and he wants to go there. WHY? Video games of course. I told him we can go for 45 minutes but then we are going to the party at Karate. I didn't tell him but if the Karate one turns out to be lame, we'll leave and go back to the library. He will be going to his dads house tomorrow morning and then I have 3 days to get last minute things done before he comes back on Christmas Day.

I have my shopping done. I keep thinking about stuff I could buy but then I realize I'm just thinking that because I want there to be alot of gifts under the tree. Luckily, I've explained to myself that we are not in a competition and they will just have to be happy with what they are getting. Goodness knows they already have plenty.

I have a few things/projects I want to work on. Since I had to move the stuff out of the dining room I'll have to work in my scrap room or I may move stuff to the kitchen to be closer to DH.

My In Laws and my niece received their packages and my In Laws already opened all their gifts! Bad girl!! LOL. That means I can share the photos of the things I sent and will do that this weekend. She really liked everything so that made me happy. Now if my niece likes what we sent them, I'll be really happy.

I thought I was going to have an easy day but the only nurse here has a HUGE project I have to work on. Wahh!! We are having a surprise luncheon for one of our co-workers today so that will be nice. Goodness knows I could use something to eat.

Hope you have a super weekend. Enjoy yourself and don't stress to much. We are a blessed nation and really shouldn't be so concerned about the "Stuff". I'm going to try and do a better job of remembering that in 2008.

Til later..............


Denise said...

4 days!! My kids are so excited... Our house isn't decked out either. The kids did the tree, I put some net lights out and dd decorated a wreath so that's put up too.. about it.

I hope ds enjoys both the parties tonite and has a nice time with his dad.

We received your card today, love it!

I am also done shopping. Wrapping is done, just time to wait for Santa. Oh have to make the cookies for Santa but that's next week.. hehe

Happy Holidays and talk to ya next year! hehe

Lisa said...

I'm not stressing either, and my house isn't decked out either. I had lights hung outside but have remembered to turn them on just once! As for inside, there's the tree and maybe 3 decorations but that's it. The 15 or so huge Rubbermaid totes still sit out in the garage -- full. That's okay. Maybe next year they'll get out...maybe not!