Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Tag

I wasn't going to post today as I've had a long & tiring day, I planned to share pictures of the party tomorrow but I got tagged by Kip and what ever miss Kip wants ,she gets.

1. White or colored lights on your house. White Icicle lights or white lites. White lights on the tree.

2. Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog? Hot Chocolate w/marshmellows.

3. Favorite Holiday food? Cranberry sauce.

4. Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa doesn't wrap the big stuff. Sometimes he leaves all his gifts unwrapped or he wraps them all in the same paper so you know they are from him.

5. Do you hang mistletoe? Yes

6. When do you put up your decorations? Try to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but with the kids gone we waited. We are hoping to do it tomorrow. They stay up til Epiphany.

7. What's your favorite holiday tradition? We used to always drive around to see lights. Maybe we can do it again this year.

8. What's on the top of your tree? A really tacky star that rotates different colors.

9. Do you have a nativity displayed through the holidays? Yes

10.Candy Canes, traditional or flavored? Or Chocolate Covered Cherries? love traditional CC and Dark Chocolate covered cherries w/liquid center.

11.What's your favorite holiday goodie to make and share? Chex mix w/white powdered sugar.

12.What's your favorite Christmas song? Rudolph the red nose reindeer or Silent night.

13.When did you learn the truth about the "magic" of Christmas? don't remember??? I still believe in Santa.

14.Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Yes

15.Is there a special ornament or Christmas decoration that you wouldn't feel like Christmas without? Stockings I made many years ago.

16. Do you take neighbor gifts/treats to anyone, everyone, a select few? I may start this year.

17.Is your big meal on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or Christmas afternoon? Christmas afternoon.

18.How do you decorate your tree? eclectically/mixture of kids stuff and nice ornaments.

19.Snow? Love it? Dread it? Tolerate it? No thanks. That's why I live in Florida

20.Do you have a favorite gift? my Raggedy Cheryl & raggedy Larry w/promise ring when was a teenager from my HSS.

21.Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family?Sister, nephew & mom

22.What's the most important thing that you must do each Christmas season? Help others somehow.

23. Do you bake Christmas cookies? not usually

24.Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa? of course plus carrots.

25.What's your favorite Christmas memory? Hard to pick

OK, now your favoite part......I tag : Jenna, Jessie G, Cari (yes again), Lisa D, Mary

I'll try to post another TK card tomorrow plus a post about todays party.

Til Later...............................


Kip said...

Love your favorite gift! Any chance you'll share that chex recipe too? Thanks for playing!

Jenn said...

I posted