Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Waiting to go home

It is so hard to work after 4 days off. I've called DH 2x's and keep bugging him when he is trying to do laundry. I'm BORED and miss him. I've had phone duty today and if you've read my blog at all you KNOW how much I love phone duty.

Christmas was wonderful and I will give you a full report soon plus pictures. The kids were happy, the family came to dinner and then DD stayed over for the night. That was great except she will probably never do it again. Seems she got an unwanted present while driving back to her apartment from the friendly "Troopers" sitting by the side of the road at their usual "speed trap spot". UGH!!! I didn't even think to tell her to be careful. How rude to give out tickets the day after Christmas. Think their end of the year bonus is tied to their ticket total?

Speaking of dinner, I've been waiting for my sister to blog and tell you about the new "Family Christmas Story" they will be repeating for years to come. Let me just say that people that tell you their plastic ware can go into the oven should also mention that you should take off the lids first.

Plastic is plastic.

Who knew?

That's all I'm saying.

Hope you had a fabulous day. What was your favorite memory of the day? I have several that do not include smoke pouring from the oven and will share them with you in my next post.

Til later from someone that is apparently "Blonder than I pay for"..................


Anonymous said...

I have decided it is not safe to eat Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at your house or mine. I know I did not tell you to take off the covers of the pans, but thought you would realize they were not the same material as the pans and could not go in the oven. A few years ago, I had a bigger mess cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I caught my oven on fire when Josh,Jennifer and the boys were here and really smoked every one out of the house, including the brand new puppy we had just gotten. That was Oscar's first hint of life in this nutty family. So glad nothing serious happened and we can laugh about it every day. Sorry Jess had a bad trip to work today. MOM

Jenn said...

LOL must be in our genes; I always have flops in the kitchen.