Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taking a moment

to say hello. I was going to see how long it would take to get emails about my absence but I got tired of holding my breath! Seriously, things have been hectic and I left my memory card OUT of my camera so the pictures of the FABULOUS b-day card I made my mom are on the Enternal memory which requires me to find and use the cable...blaa....blaaaaa...blaaaa....blaaaa.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, catching you up on my wonderful-exciting life.

Great Crop on Saturday. (THANKS Cari!!!) I didn't win anything until the LAST minute so all the really great prizes were gone....wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No matter, I had a great time with my buddies and got to spend the day with Nicole, D & D and the rest of the Scrapyard gang. Most of us had our matching t-shirts on. Haven't seen the group picture yet so can't post it here. Went to Joanns after and only spent $5. Sad when you can't find anything to buy. Oh....have you SEEN my scrap room. I do not NEED anything. I bought the Versamark pad because I had buggered up my other one with black ink-must wash off stamps better between use!!!

Took MOM to lunch for her birthday on Sunday. Had a nice lunch. DD waited on us. Left her a nice tip (at least I thought so).

FIL gets the results of all his medical tests today and we find out when his surgery will be. Prayers please that it is minor and they caught it in time. Thanks!

While you are sending up prayers..include one for my niece in Georgia. She is suffering from awful Kidney Stones and they need to figure out why. LOVE you Jenna!!!!!

Dunedin crop was postponed. DARN IT!!!! I think everyone that didn't sign up in time should send me a dollar. Just because I said so! Beryl will be re-rescheduling and I do not want to hear any excuses again.

I will try and get the pictures loaded of MOMs card & her with DD at the restaurant. That will piss off my mom as she HATES to have her picture taken and then to have it posted on the internet..big pisser..LOL!!! (actually-that is the real reason I didn't blog sooner. It kept her picture at the top of my posts for almost a week!!! LOVE YOU MOM!)

Til later..............


Jenn said...

I really did wonder what in the heck was wrong with you! I have checked every day to see if you've posted; I just figured you were super busy with work.

I love Grandma's picture that you posted before; I saved it to my computer. I hate my pictures too, I can't say much.

Thanks for the prayer request. Kidney stones are NOT fun! Still hasn't passed, I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm just so tired all the time!

I hope your FIL has great results.

Michele L from Tampa said...

'Bout time posted.

I can take a pix of moms card and blog it since she does not blog yet. Has myspace but no blog yet

Loretta said...

I guess by now you know the news today was good--biopsy showed no cancer and the PET/CT didn't show any, either. Thank God! Surgery is July 10th, so we'll all be praying for another good report.

And for the record, I told Mama on the phone to tell my brother to tell you to POST something already, lol.

Missed ya...

PS--Praying for you here, too, Jenna. That is some wicked pain!