Thursday, June 7, 2007


of doing exactly what I've gotten on to yall about. Not blogging on a daily basis. Sorry. I would say I was just doing it to see if anyone noticed or to show you how it feels but the truth is...NO time & not much to blog about.

I'm having some Child Support issues but nothing I can talk about. Ex is working on it so I'm not ready to hurt him. The STATE on the other hand is on my list. I guess I should be grateful that this is the first problem I've had in almost 10 years. Not helping my bank account right now but, this too shall pass.

Spent a long time on line last night reading the craft blogs I enjoy. Learned a cool paper folding that I will share with you soon. Really must perfect it before trying to teach it. Right now it looks like a 3 year old trying to fold paper. Sad.

Looking forward to the EXPO this weekend but not sure which project to bring to work on. I'm going to go with the flow and not stress.

DH is supposed to hang a shelf for me today and then I can complete, for now, my scraproom re-do. Well, that's not entirely true as I need to get a drape rod for the closet. Darn. I forgot. Add that to the -"TO DO" list.

Work is going well, still busy but no one hates me yet. Today is my 1 month anniversary on the new job. I've started taking advantage of my health benefits and have 4 different doctor appointments already scheduled. My boss said it's ok to take the time since she knows I've been uninsured for so long & need the check ups. I'm trying to make the appointments as late in the day as possible. I just have to make up my time and so I work through lunch. Like now. "Working" through my lunch.

Having said that, I better get moving and do some real work. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. What are your plans for this weekend? Don't forget Fathers Day is coming up. Any single get credit for that holiday too as far as I'm concerned.

Til later..................


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are awesome for giving "dad" credit to us single mom's. I know you know it's not easy!
Good for you for making lots of doc appointments and taking advantage of your new benefits. It's so important.
Enjoy the expo this weekend...

Jenn said...

I am feeling the pangs of not having insurance right now. I can't wait until I graduate so I can get a job w/ benefits!!! I need to go to the urologist. I do not think I passed the kidney stones...not good for the ole' kidneys. I'm glad you are able to go to the doctors now. Take care of you...:)

Love ya