Saturday, June 30, 2007


out the door. GROAN. Bad pun. I know. I'm getting ready to run out the door to spend the day with my DS before he leaves tomorrow for his month at his dads. Even though he'll still be close by I usually don't see him once he leaves. This time I hope to see him occasionally, maybe dinner or a movie once in awhile.

Anyway.........wanted to post a picture of my mom & DD from mom's birthday lunch last week.

Yep, DD went back to Blond..thank goodness!! I'm sure my mom will have a fit when she sees this but I can't stay out of trouble long so...what the heck!!!

Have a great weekend and I'll check back in with you soon.

Til later.........

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Thanks for posting the pics! I keep swiping pics from you blog, lol.

Jess is beautiful no matter what color her hair is but dylan is happy to have his blonde cousin back,lol