Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The latest version of my scraproom.

((Click on each picture if you want to count the amount of crap that I have stuffed into this little room. ))

This is the view from the hallway. Really not a lot different than the last time I showed you. The black thing attached to the back of my table is an office desk organizer my friend Carol gave me. You'll get a better view in a minute.

Next is the shelf I had put just inside the door. It is holding my paints and some larger liquid/spray adhesives

The picture to the left is a closer view of the organizer that has shelves & other things I could hang items off of. Note the things on the can see my Scor-pal and several paper trimmers. Note the quilts in the background. They are hanging in front of the closet now that we've removed the doors. Looks better and I can get to the stuff inside much easier.

This is a picture of the shelf unit closest to my work table. You can see the glass jars on the second shelf. They hold ribbon. The third shelf is all chipboard. My Flowers are on the third shelf (on the left)and the white drawers hold all my card making supplies..

I did a little re-arranging on my pegboard and Posted by Picasa neatened up the table below it. See the CRICUT tote?

The shelf next to the window didn't change much but I did clear off the white table and straighten up the supplies above it. The plastic containers are full of paper.

Coming around the room you will find the shelf unit with the majority of my paper, scrap magazines and my finished albums. The "garage" organizers are attached to the door of my computer desk . They hold some of my small embellishments.

Finishing the room is the huge cabinet that holds part of my Christmas collection. If you've never seen it in person, it's worth a trip.

So that's the latest arrangement of my scrap room. I'm pretty pleased with it and think it will function well. I've put things close to my work space and like having the most used items right at my finger tips. I put stamping/embossing things on the black organizer over the main table. I'm hoping it will promote my using the items more often.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll try to impart my organizing wisdom. LOL!!

Till later..................................................................................................................

OH yeah...........Here is the card I made my MIL..her belated Mother's Day card. She liked it..


Jenn said...

VERY good job! That is a bunch of stuff tho, lol

Preetty card too

deirdre said...

you did a great job on organizing cheryl! when my kids grow up and move out in 15 years i will have a scrap room:) LOL!

Cami said...

Your room looks great!
Taking a few seconds to try to catch up with you here. Miss you!