Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did anyone see Dorothy last night?****EDITED to add picture

I was going to take pictures of my scrap room last night. I know you are all on pins & needles to see the re-do. Yep, that's what I was gonna do after I got back from taking the DS to Karate.

Approximately 6:15pm the skies opened and the wind blew and the power went out for over an hour. It rained HARD and the wind blew like a mini hurricane for quite awhile. At one point the rain was blowing sideways and came all the way through the screen porch and washed down the sliding glass doors for several minutes. Everything on the porch got soaked and one of the chairs blew over. We also had a tree branch blow into the screen and now we have a small hole. As we were watching the storm (we had the blinds open for light since the power was out) we watched one of the pine trees blow over. Luckily it was on the side of the house so it didn't hit the house. After that, we kept a close eye on the ones directly behind our house. They swayed alot but none of them fell. The small "builders tree" in the front yard did blow over and had to be put back in the ground after the storm passed.

By the time the storm passed, the power came back on and the Direct TV came back up..it was time for the CLOSER season premier so no computer for me. If you aren't a CLOSER watcher, it is worth a look. LOVE it! It's on TNT. Right after the Closer was a new show with Treat Williams called HEARTLAND. He is a transplant doctor and his ex-wife is the the person that talkes the family into donating the organs. His wife is played by the blond woman that has a HECK of an agent as she has been on EVERY TV show on every station lately, most recently as the gal bopping the vice president on 24. I have to say, not really impressed with the show. The commercials show a character played by an actor that was/is on Prison Break. He wasn't on last night so not sure how regular he will be or if he is gone from PB. Gotta say, not a show that I will really care to follow but might if DH liked it. Because of the new show I missed Hell's Kitchen so don't tell me anything.

Tomorrow is the doctors appointment we've been waiting for, to hear the next step with my FIL. Keep those prayers headed in the direction of N. Georgia if you could. Thanks! Hopefully my cards will arrive there today and will bring them a smile.

BIG crop this weekend. I think I will work on some altered projects instead of LO's. I have a couple things I want to make for a friend and my DH. Maybe I can actually accomplish something if I do that. LOL! Hopefully my Scrapyard T shirt arrives so I can get an extra raffle ticket. I promised to wear my receipt attached to a white t shirt if it doesn't arrive. According to UPS it was in Kentucky this morning. Think it will arrive by Friday?

BTW, reminder number 10000000....your deadline to register for the crop on the 30th in Dunedin is this Saturday. Come on...what else do you have to do? Wouldn't you rather be scrapping?? I didn't think so.

My mothers birthday is Thursday. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY wishes!!!!!

Til later..............

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Jenn said...

Yucky weather.. I hate weather like that! We are supposed to get that tonight. I hope its not that bad.

Glad you guys were okay.
There really isn't many shows I'm watching this Summer except on the Travel Channel or HBO.