Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sneak Peek


Did everyone have a good weekend? Saturday was the EXPO. I picked up my friend Cari at 7:30 am and headed for down town. We saw our friend, Denise,at will call when we picked up our crop tickets. Deirdra met up with us a few minutes later & we chatted until time to go into the crop. We got in, set up shop on a couple tables and then headed for the sales floor. I've seen other peoples reports on the Expo this year and I have to say, the shopping options were lacking. I heard that the BIG vendors were at another show so we were left with the "local "shops and scrapbook site vendors.

All in all we had a good day. I got about 6 pages done but mostly we hung out, visited with friends, ate (who knew you could call & have pizza delivered to the convention center??), laughed and went back for a little more shopping.

Today I've been reading some craft blogs and working on my MAKE & TAKE for Beryls crop. The picture above is a sneak peek of what I'll be offering for my Make & Take. I'm going to have my TLC stuff for sale and today I signed up with a site that will allow me to accept credit cards w/o a machine. Hope that will increase my business that day. Speaking of Beryl's crop.........GO SIGN UP NOW!!!!!! Click on my link on the left and get ready to have a day of fun. My friend Cari's crop is (should be) officially sold out so you need to get on the ball if you plan to join me in Dunedin for Beryl's crop on the 30th.

Dinner is almost ready, I'm making a "ready made" pork dinner from Publix, so I better get moving. MY DS is not coming home till tomorrow and so I'm ready to spend some more alone time with my DH.

Speaking of family, Friday 11 of us from work went out to lunch at the resturant where my DD works. We made her wait on us and really worked her for her tips. I haven't heard how much she made off us but I know I dropped $11 on my $6 dollar lunch. Hopefully she had a good weekend as she is still 2 months behind in her rent.

OH.....DH put up my shelf and tomorrow (hopefully) he put up the shelf w/curtain rod I want over the closet door. I decided to use that instead of a regular curtain rod so I can put stuff on the shelf. I'm planning on putting some of my vintage cameras on it. They have been boxed up for over 2 years and I miss them.

Til later.............
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Anonymous said...

Oooh what a teaser your sneak peak is...wish I was closer to go to the crop. Do you have a website Cheryl?

Jenn said...

Hey there, good to see a post.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend :)

Hope Jess got great tips ;-)

Cami said...

diggin' the sneak peek! Wish I could've gone to the Expo with you guys for a day of talking, eating and shopping (my kind of day!) :) See you soon!!!