Friday, June 15, 2007

Enabling -Product reviews

I am going to create this wonderful post over a couple days. Here is the first part and I'll add personal pictures throughout the weekend.

First on my MUST have list is the Scor-pal. It was invented by the sweetest lady named Diana Crick. I had the pleasure of speaking with her when I placed my order. She was so nice and we had such a nice chat that we both forgot to give/get payment information. LOL. Since there are already great examples of how to use the tool I won't bother you with my description. Check out this site. (you will need to scroll down to the second page) She has several great tutorials and also will show you one other thing I wanted to share..the cool folding technique I just learned. She has an example on that second page or you can go directly here and scroll until you see the Origami Dollar Bill Shirt folding instructions. Very cool!

The Scor-pal arrived and I'm very impressed. Diana has invented a wonderful tool that is light weight but very effective. I debated about buying it for almost a month but I'm so glad I finally did. It costs much less than the Scor-it and is a 1000000 times easier to use and you can make all/most of your scors without having to move your paper. I've seen and used the Scor-it and I was not impressed. For one it is very heavy and only has one scor line. The wooden scor-tool is attached to the board so you don't loose it. You can remove it (which I would have preferred) so you can scor all the way down your paper. I found that the scor line made had a habit of tearing or cutting your scor line. It may be user error but I couldn't seem to get a good line without tearing. The Scor-pal has grooves at different measurements across the board. It has a plastic tool that snaps in & out of a spot on the board. Diana has replacement tools if you loose it but if you get in the habit of putting it back after each use, you won't have that problem.

I made a Tri-fold card for my MIL (don't tell her) and it was a snap with the Scor-pal. No need for measuring and folding & creasing ..etc. I used the included instructions, made my scors and it folded up perfectly. I'll post a picture soon of the card so you can see my handiwork. EDITED: I decided to give you only a sneak peek at the card so you don't see it before my MIL does(Loretta-shhhhhh...please do not tell mom about the card) Here are the products used:

Cardstock: SU
Patterned Paper: DCWV glitter stack
Stamp: Michaels-$1 spot
Flowers: QVC
Ink: Ranger Distress Ink-Dusty Concord
Scallop scissors to trim around sentiment
Cricuit: Mini Monograms -Scallop shape
Velcro used on one side -under sentiment to attach & allow to open

So if you haven't already, go order your own Scor-pal and please tell Diana that I sent you. You may get to speak to her on the phone and if you do it will be a treat.

Next product is the "Canvas on Demand". Though one of the million websites I read, I saw an offer to join the NSA. (National Scrapbooking Association). When I joined, they had an offer for $59 off a Canvas by Demand product. LONG story short, I finally ordered a Canvas and ended up only paying shipping. They have tons of sizes and finishes to choose from but I was a cheap skate and ordered the one that cost $59 so I would get it for "Free". Basically, you email or snail mail them a photograph and they change it into a "Canvas" like a painting. You should be sure the image you send them is crisp but I can tell you the customer service staff will contact you if it isn't and work with you until they are satisfied the image will be crisp when "blown up". I ended up having to use a different photo than I wanted to because the image I had was artistically blurred. It looked cool as a small photo but they were sure it would look bad if they enlarged it. I'm very happy with the finished product. The only thing I didn't consider is how to hang it. They ended up making it 8 1/2" by 12 instead of 8 1/2 by 11 because of the subject matter. I will probably end up having to get a frame made. Anyone know a good

UHU-Fabric glue....I haven't had a chance to use this product yet. I will do so soon and report back to you all. Right now it is only available in Europe so you won't be able to run to the store and get it. Sorry. They are testing it here to see if it is a product they should include in their American market. I got a sample of their new Roller Glue awhile ago and it was a good product. It is refillable, unlike the last roll of adhesive I tried by UHU so I like that feature.

I'll try and get some updated pictures of the re-do of my scrap room for you soon. My DH hung the shelf I wanted and it is full of paint and bottles of adhesives. He just hung the shelf/rod over the closet door. I plan to hang quilts on it to cover the closet opening and then put my camera collection on the shelf. I think they are in my storage unit which I'm cleaning out tomorrow so I should be able to find them and get that all done this weekend. Craft Critique just had a segment on organization. Missed my chance to add my room but I can share all my tips here, for you, my friends.

If you purchase any of the products mentioned here, please put in your comments that I sent you. I don't get a kick back but I would like them to know I'm doing my part to send customers their way. Let me know if you get any of them and what you think. I'm sure you will love them. If not...I never said a word!

Til later.............


Anonymous said...

I've always been happy with Michael's framing...with a 50% off coupon, of course. They've always done a nice job.
Cool product reviews, btw!

Laisha said...

So happy with the work of Canvas On Demand & the discount of $20 by using a coupon.

Anonymous said...

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