Saturday, June 2, 2007


It has been raining off and on since mid afternoon yesterday. WAHOO. Not great for my friends moving plans but a much needed sight. Hopefully it is raining on the fires burning around the state and in south Georgia. My niece sent pictures of their front yard and you couldn't see the house next door. Not good when you have little ones with Asthma.

Speaking of my niece and her little ones, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. G. He's a big 3 today and set to have a big birthday party. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Quick post as I'm hoping to clean out my scrap room today. It is a MESS. I want to get it straightened out so I can start creating again. Now that all the TV shows are "reruns" I have no excuse. Maybe I should take before and after shots to inspire others. LOL!!

I wanted to show you a couple things I picked up yesterday at the church sale. These are the "cards" that I found. They are 6 to a pack and I got 4 packs @.50 each. They have Gerber Daisy's on the front and even have envelopes. I will probably take the flowers off and use them on other projects. I'll save the envelopes to use with other cards I make.

This is the cool Traveler Phonograph. Unfortunately it has been ravaged by termites and had a ton of "shavings" that came out when I tried to show it to DH. I've shook it as much as I can and took the dust buster to it. It still has some stuff falling out. It's really interesting so I hope I can get it "cleaned out" enough to either display or sell. DH said he thinks his sister had something like it when they were kids. L????
OK, if I'm going to inspire you all with my cleaned scraproom and then projects created in said room, I must get moving.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Happy almost Summer!
Til later...........................


Loretta said...

I did have a small red & white phonograph that was "suitcase style" like that one. It had a matching case for all my 45s...I have no idea what happened to it. Thanks for the memories! :-)

Loretta said...

PS: The smoke is awful here, too! Even with the doors & windows closed, we can still smell it. It's driving my allergies nuts. :-(

Jenn said...

Hey there...we had a good day despite the much needed and welcomed rain. I sent plenty of pics in your email.

I love those cards and that phonograph is really cool. I am having a yard sale with a friend in 2 weeks. I really hope to make enough to buy Gavin a twin bed, so wish me luck! I found a really nice used furniture store and I have my eye on a bed and a table there.

Love ya