Friday, June 15, 2007

It's confirmed

My DD is pissed at me! Good thing it's not MOTHER's Day this weekend. DD....I LOVE you with all my heart. You are a great kid. You just piss me off sometimes. I vent. I feel better. Moving on.

I have a lot to share with you all -craft wise but it will probably be late tomorrow or Sunday afternoon before I can post. I made a fabulous card last night that I want to show you. I still need to tell you all about the great new products. Papertreyink had their latest release last night/this mroning. I love their stuff but so far had only gotten the first release. I went ahead and ordered the newest one and one of the older ones I had debated about, Faux ribbon. Check out my link and tell Nicole I sent you in the comment section if you order anything.

Work should be quiet today as most of the staff is in court or off on Fridays. I started a massive project yesterday so maybe I can get it done today. Can you say "Rolodex re-do"??

Storage clean out tomorrow so if anyone is bored and has nothing to do from about 10-12....let me know. Should I ask my DD? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Yoga today at noon. Yep. Just what I need when I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. The head Yoga fan is here today so guess I can't get out of it. I brought an extra shirt but forgot my shorts. Oh boy. Yoga in jeans.

Thanks for your good vibes and prayers yesterday. Keep them coming. We aren't out of the woods yet. Speaking of, I need to go check DANTE blog to see if they got the results of his latest tests. It was a BIG one in the road to total recovery.

BERYL's CROP...........Beryl's Crop..............Beryl's Crop.

Til later..............

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