Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK, so I lied

I promised product reviews. Well I guess technically...I said tomorrow which means I still have until midnight tonight sooooooooooooo. Seriously, after taking the DS to Karate and then eating a little something I wanted to spend a few minutes watching TV with my DH. Then "Last comic standing" came on and then at 10pm it was the return of "Rescue Me" so I didn't make it to the scrap room. Worse than not getting stuff posted for you, my oh so loyal readers, I didn't get the two cards made I should be mailing today. I'm "in trouble" with my MIL because I never sent a Moms Day card (LOVE YOU MOM H) and now Fathers Day is this Sunday. ARG!!

I woke up at 6:10 this morning and thought I'd go on line for 30 minutes before my usual shower time. Nope. Computer decided it couldn't connect to the internet. Of course. Why would it when I have a spare few minutes? I could keep a promise. Nope. My life doens't work that way. Say hello to Mr. Murphy. He lives at my house full time.

So, I raced to work, hair still dripping, so I could post from here. I can't give you all the links to the stuff I want to share with you but I can at least say good morning. And I'm sorry. I'll leave you with a tease.....Scor-Pal, Canvas on Demand & Uhu Fabric glue.

My FIL's doctors appointment is today so if you could send good vibes, prayers, etc in the direction of Georgia I'd appreciate it . THANKS!!!!!

Til later............


Cami said...

definitely good vibes for your FIL - hope all goes well.

Canvas on demand? I'm intrigued.... do share!

Denise said...

Hey hun!

Lots of good vibes being sent to GA...

Scor-Pal - can't wait to hear more.

Canvas on Demand - interesting

Uhu Fabric Glue - did it work? did it work? hehe

Dry your hair, you don't want to catch a cold... Talk later hun!