Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good intentions

I'd like to say that I didn't step foot into a store yesterday. I'd like to say that my DS and I spent the afternoon watching his RC plane soar into the beautiful blue skies of Tampa Bay. I'd like to say I got 10 more LO's done, found a cure for all cancers, lost 40 lbs and got my hair done.

I'd be lying.

In my defense, let me explain.

My DS & I went to a nearby park where I thought we'd have a large area of open space to fly his plane. When we got there and started looking around, there wasn't as much open space as I'd thought. We did find an area that looked promising. I held the plane as instructed by HSS, my DS held down the throttle as instructed, I tossed the plane upwards as instructed, the plane went straight-nose down-into the ground, JUST as the instructions suggested it might. The propeller got shoved onto the shaft and wouldn't allow it to turn anymore. We tried to fix it but couldn't budge the sucker. Wisely, before totally destroying the plane, we decided our flying experience was over.

What was a mother to do? Her 11 1/2 yr old son had his hopes up to spend the afternoon having fun with his mom. Said mom had "broken" his plane. How to make it up to the boy?? Well, shopping always seems to help some people so, to TOYS R US we go. In fairness, he had two GC that he got for Christmas so he already had funds. Since the closest TRU is nasty, we HAD to go to the one in Brandon instead. Since the TRU in Brandon is across the street from Joanns........................

Yes, I went to Joanns. I was very good and only spent $20. I found one of the two scallop punches that I'm looking for to use in my card making. After all, all the card making people that I admire (see Thinking Inking) use a scallop punch. They had two rolls of blue painters tape clearanced priced at $1.50 each and I got them for my HSS. I didn't buy any more paper, or embellishments so cut me some slack!

Oh, and my DS you ask? Would you believe the poor kid couldn't find anything he wanted? A kid with $40, in a Toys R Us for an hour, and he can't find anything to purchase. Don't you hate when that happens?

BTW, when in Brandon at Joanns & you can't find the scallop punch you are needing, what do you do? Correct. You go across the street to Michaels Crafts & try there. I found a larger version of the one I'd just gotten but since I still had a Joanns 50% off coupon I decided to get it .

The cashier said that as of a month ago they can no longer accept Joanns coupons if they also have a coupon out that week. She said it was because they have been taken over by another company and have changed the policies. Michaels had a coupon but it was only 40% so I put the punch back!!

The rest of the evening went well. The girl from our community sales office is a scrapper and bought a house two down from me. She hasn't actually moved in yet (long story) but occasionally comes over to stay the night. I had invited her to come over to see my scraproom and she dropped over last night. After showing her around the place we "retired" to the patio and chatted for awhile. It was a nice evening and I got a chance to get to "know my neighbors" alittle as she knows all their names. I haven't had time to go door to door & meet everyone so it was nice to put a name to the people I wave at as I'm driving in & out of the subdivision. She told us that they are about to build the last three houses on our street so if you know anyone that wants to move to my area, give me a call & I'll refer you to the builder.

I've been told it is Tuesday. I have a meeting at 10am so can't play on the computer to long this morning. Enjoy the last 4 day work week while you can. I don't get another short week until May. My bank account will be glad.

Til later...............


Michele L from Tampa said...

In Brandon right around the corner from me and did not call? Shame on you!

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a busy day...good self control to only spend $20 and what is wrong with your DS? I'd have that spent in no time! Oh and email me and I'll send you Robin's blog address.