Friday, January 19, 2007


Wahoo! It's Friday! I have a big Crop to go to tomorrow and a bunch of my friends will be there. Should be fun. We are all dressing alike as there is supposed to be a "Photo Spot" available. How fun & geeky is that!

No more calls from any teachers. DS is not happy about his restriction. Think I'll let it go through the weekend and then see about letting him off. I may at least let him watch some TV. His computer/video time will still be limited. I need to find out how to bring his "C"'s up. We talked about that this morning while waiting for the bus. I told him to ask his teachers what he could do to improve the grade. At least he brought up his Science grade so we're not doing to bad. I know it's been hard changing schools mid year so I'm trying to cut him a little slack.

Watched this weeks "Criminal Minds" last night since ER was a rerun (why???? they left us hanging last week). Great show, as always. Greys was good and I'm sure my sister was crying through most of it. I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet but I suggest you bring your hankies. I didn't cry but then I was alittle distracted, reading my mail & dealing with the homework stuff to let myself get totally involved. I figured my sister was doing enough for all of us. We belong to the special club they mentioned. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I've had years of therapy to deal with the issue so it only occasionally gets to me. Last night wasn't one of them. That means it will probably come out when I'm watching a cartoon or something.

My DD is supposed to meet me for lunch today. Her 19th birthday is Monday and I had to be penciled in to her busy schedule so I could see her. She has a weekend full of KD stuff and I'm sure her friends have things planned. It's kinda sad that I have to make an appointment to see my own child but I guess that is part of the life process. I have hopes that someday, maybe when she is a mom, she will need me again.

**I'm going to take a moment to feel sorry for myself-----
OK, I'm done*****

Since she is coming by work and we are supposed to go out for lunch I really should get to work earlier than I have all week. I never take a lunch hour so I consider my late arrival my "lunch time". If I want to get my usual hours in today, I'd better scoot.

Have a great day & a wonderful weekend. Have some fun, hug your family & do something nice for a stranger. Several Cyber friends of mine are doing RAKs for people that may not even know who helped them. I told them it goes with one of my favorite questions,

"What have you done TODAY to make you feel proud?"

Till later.............


Tricia Traxler said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the note on my blog. I have plenty of mystery boxes left. If you go to my profile name and click on the email link, we can work out the details! Thanks!

just-jessie said...

Aww, she penciled you in. That was sweet :) She'll need you again when she has babies of her own and realizes how freakin hard motherhood is and how very much she appreciates you. (she'll never stop asking you for money, though). Hugs and have a fun scrap.