Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wrapping up the weekend

This is the first time I've been near the computer all weekend. I've spent the last couple hours catching up on emails & other blogs so thought I'd drop by and post.

The crop Friday night was fun. There were only four of us ( Nicole, Cami, Denise & Me) but we had a great time talking & doing a little scrapping. We learned: how to post on "Two Peas", about "Letter Boxing" and MOST importantly; All four people should not go out to your cars at the same time after 10pm!

Who knew that even with our access cards we would not be able to get back in after 10pm???? Obviously not me! We knew the alarm would go off if we were still inside after midnight so we were being careful to pack up & get out before then. We took our first loads outside and when we went back to the door..............locked. OK, no problem, two of us had access cards. Swipe. Nothing. Swipe. Nothing but a red light. We stood there looking at each other, shaking our heads. Surely we can't be locked outside with most of our stuff still inside. Yep. We were.

Being the bright, resourceful women we are, we decided to head around back and see if by some chance there was a door or window we could open. We all walked through the gate into the pool area & I almost jumped out of my skin when the gate slammed. We checked around & peered through the window at our stuff. Not a door or window that we could budge. We finally decided we would have to wait until 5 am when the access card would work again.

We headed back to the gate to leave and discovered it too was now
LOCKED!! I will leave to your vivid imaginations what it looked like for four grown woman, some of us fluffier than we should be, using chairs to help get our short legs over the fence and down on the other side. We were laughing so hard that it is a wonder we didn't hurt ourselves.

Denise ended up volunteering to spend the night at my house so she could go with me in the morning to retrieve our stuff. We set alarms & at 5am headed back to the clubhouse. Luckily my access card worked and we got our stuff & left. (What Denise doesn't know is that after she drove off & I was half way home, I realized I didn't remember seeing her take out Cami's stuff. I drove back & went back inside. Of course she had grabbed everything so there was nothing left to recover.)

So let that be a lesson to you all. Do not miss a crop that I am in charge of and NEVER go out to your car without leaving someone behind to let you back in!!

The rest of the weekend I caught up on my TV shows , reading, filing papers, cutting out coupons and just being lazy. Now another weekend has passed and I still do not have my sons new shelf unit put together, LO's still need to be photographed and posted, I haven't re-arranged the garage, cleaned out the final storage unit or a thousand other things that need doing. I did, however spend time with my two favorite guys and that's a pretty great way to spend two days.

Hope you had a great weekend. I'm going to go finish reading the blogs and see how the Winter Retreat girls fared in the cold north and how my niece is surviving her three boys. After that, I'm going to get into bed and snuggle with my HSS.

Til later.....................


Michele L from Tampa said...

I am back. yep it was cold. Will fill ya in later. Busy weekend yourself, forgot to call and check on Mom

just-jessie said...

Well missy, it's about time you posted an update. I was wondering how the crop went. Does this mean I should be updating my blog? See you tomorrow :)

Jenn said...

Thank you for the great giggle from the visual I got of you girls trying to jump the fence. Ohhh, those are the moments worth remembering!

Cami said...

the crop was great Cheryl (thanks for bustin' out the Cricut!). Love cropping with you - always good for lots of hearty giggles! (hmmm, maybe it's not the creamer!)
:) can't wait for the next one!