Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How many layers

does it take to walk a kid to the bus stop?

If you guessed three, you must gave been outside at 6:40 this morning. Brrrrrr. There is ICE on my windshield and car roof top again and even on the roof of the house. They said it was going to be below freezing this morning and I guess they weren't kidding. Thankfully the wind wasn't blowing so with all the extra clothing on it was to bad of a walk.

My DS started Karate (again) last night. We didn't have much success the last time I signed him up (Don't ask-it wasn't MY fault) but I figured the kid needs those social skills we keep talking about so I gave it another try. He said he really liked the class and that it was so much better than the last place he went. They really had them get a work out before the actual class started. Poor boy even broke out in a sweat! He spent an hour after we got home practicing tying his belt so I guess he really is interested. So far. He's paid up till the 15th of February and will be going three times a week. We'll see how much of a fight he gives me after that. He was excited to find out a boy at school goes to the same place. Unfortunately when we got there it turned out he attends the after school program, not the night classes, so DS didn't know anyone after all. Luckily most of the kids were about his size so he didn't complain.

TV as great again last night. I haven't seen HEROS so no one spoil it for me. Prison Break, 24 & Studio 60 were fabulous as always. Tonight we have another installment of AI and our favorite: House. Bones is back tomorrow so it's shaping up to be a good week for us couch potatoes.

Hope your household is feeling well. My poor niece has her hands full with 3 sick kids and my buddy Jess has two sick ones of her own. My DS stayed out from school Friday but seems to be feeling better. He is still making disgusting noises with his nose but isn't running a fever or coughing.

Take care, all my cyber & local friends. Til later........................


Jenn said...

I can't get over the ice on the windows! It was below 20 here this a.m. and we had some frost & ice. North GA. is VERY cold and Josh is working in it...poor guy.

I hope MS does well in Karate. I think that's a good activity for a kid his age. Tyler is begging to sign up for Football when football rolls back around...I'm not looking forward to that one!

Anyways..Much Love!

Jenn & her sickos!

Michele L from Tampa said...

I stayed home from work today myself sick! UGH Undecided about tomorrow, might fight it for one more day

Cami said...

it IS cold! I had to dig through the garage to find an old winter coat for Lindsay to wear to the bus stop. What's up with that!

Left you a comment on your prev. post too...LOL

~ cami (one of 4 very talented fence hoppers!)