Thursday, January 18, 2007

Call from Coach Reed

So my cell phone rings yesterday afternoon and when I answer some man asks me if I am Cheryl S. Before I could correct him he says, "Are you MS mother?" "Yes", says I. " I am Coach Reed from SMS, MS's teacher." Great, I'm thinking, now what? Well it seems that he is the teacher of the "Wheel" class for this nine weeks. He informed me that so far in the class my DS has gotten an 80, a 50 (for a half a^^ed class paper) and today he totally refused to do the assignment so would be getting a -0-. Refused?
He said all work they do is IN CLASS and that today they were to read the newspaper, find two articles that interested them, and write a short paper telling what the article was about. He said that DS read the paper but then just sat there, staring into space. The teacher said he spoke to DS about getting going on his paper & DS "ROLLED HIS EYES" at him and didn't do the assignment. The teacher told me that was unacceptable. I quickly thanked the teacher and advised him it was NOT acceptable with me either and I'd have a chat with the boy.
I called my HSS and gave him the heads up. Since he is home when the DS gets there, he was able to confront (question) him about his day before I got there.
HSS " How was school today?"
DS " OK"
HSS " Did anything happen we need to know about?"
DS " No"
HSS " We already got a call from school, would you like to tell me what happened?"
DS proceeds to tell him that the incident wasn't his fault, he just hit his book on his desk to wake the kid up and that the kid behind the other kid hit him in the back and the teacher blamed DS.
You may notice that DS has confessed to an event that we have no knowledge of yet.
HSS, having been around this block with his own two sons, keeps a straight face and advises him that there is another event that he was referring to and would he like to explain the "assignment" incident. After some hemming and denying and some story details getting mixed up, he finally admitted that he didn't do the newspaper assignment because he, "Thought it was stupid".
As you can imagine, the boy was placed on restriction and sent to his room to
"Wait until your mother gets home"
The long story short of the rest of the evening is that he had to write a letter of apology to the Coach, he had to do the newspaper assignment for me (and will every night for the next week) and he is on restriction. for his report card...Three A's, 1 B, 2 C's...all S's in conduct (!!!!) I still don't have the info on the "sleeping kid" event but will try and find out today. When his dad found out about his day he questioned me as to "Why all of a sudden he acted out like that, had something happened to make him upset?" Um, NO and besides it wouldn't matter, he shouldn't take matters into his own hands about another students actions (we've gone over this a billion times) and he should never roll his eyes at a teacher (at least not in his face) and NOT do an assignment because he thinks it is stupid.
I wasn't about to go into the whole discussion about the "Making a friend" talk we'd had the night before. Good grief. Is the thought of making a friend so awful that he purposefully got into trouble so he would be put on restriction?
My HSS & I discussed that thought when I called about the teachers report. Do you "punish" him by making him do the exact thing he doesn't want to do??
Parenting SUCKS at times!!!

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Michele L from Tampa said...

Wow isnt raising a son wonderful! Remember when Cody was going to do something with me one weekend back when he actually went to his dads? And of coarse his dad waived the thought of going to disney to him to get him to go over there?and since sweet melissa was not feeling well no one could go - he asked to come home AH refused? So he put the finger polish remover in her shampoo - and what was his punishment? bringing him home for me to deal with him. Now of coarse in this case I did not punish him, how could I and keep a straight face? I spoke to him, and told him not to do that again - but then he really did not have to as he stopped going over there :)