Sunday, January 14, 2007

Croppin Saturday

I had a blast yesterday! I met my sister and mother in Palm Harbor at the Joanns fabrics & craft store for a little "pre-cropping, shopping". Actually, they were finished as they arrived about 20 minutes before I did. I ran in, grabbed some acrylic stamps and a stamp pad and met them over at the scrapbooking store, Ruban Rouge. A mutual friend, Kip, had arranged with the store owner to let us use their crop room for the day. Kips friend, Jules, was up visiting from Ft. Myers. All together we ended up having 9 ladies for our day of creative fun. We laughed, we ate, we shopped, and we made some amazing stuff. Well, the other ladies made amazing stuff, I managed to get one card made and put some pictures on pre-made LO's. The card was the "retirement" card I offered to make for the lady at work who is leaving this week. I made sure I did it first so I didn't get distracted and run out of time. I think it turned out OK. I used one of the embossed sheets I made using the Cuttlebug-Textile design, a piece of ribbon donated by Kip, a Bazzill flower, cardstock , a rubber stamped message borrowed from the RR stock pile & some ink. I used a white cats eye stamp pad to bring out the design on the embossed image. Hopefully the lady will like it.

After spending most of the day at RR, I said good bye to Michele, Mom, Kip, Jules, Amy, Robin, and the two other gals that I've forgotten their names (SORRY!!! I'm awful with names) and headed back to Tampa to meet up with my other friends at the YMCA crop. I got there about 7:30pm and luckily one of the other girls was just arriving so I could get in. ( the crop is held after hours so you have to call to get the door opened if you arrive late). It was great to see my "Scrapyard" friends. The three "Ds" are always fun. I jokingly told my HSS when he asked if I was going to have fun, "Yes, these girls always manage to make me pee my pants" . It's true. At least one of us has to make a run to the potty before the night is through.

I ended up staying until the crop ended at midnight! I got almost 12 pages (LO's) done throughout the day. The last few need some finishing touches and unfortunately, I ran out of adhesive and ended up using the re- positionable: kind and those pages need to be re-glued, BUT a very productive day over all. The great thing is that I have another day of cropping next Saturday and the following Friday night we are getting together in my neighborhood. Since it seems like forever since I scrapped, it feels good to get back at it.

OK, enough about my fun Saturday. Hope you all had a great day. I'm going to go read all the blogs and see what the others have to say about the day we shared. There should be some pictures on a few of them that I can share in the near future. Sorry again to the people who's names I forgot. It's a really bad problem I have, Names & Phone numbers. I can't seem to keep them in my head. It's nothing personal.

Till later....................

EDITED to add photos:

As I'd expected, Kip had pictures on her blog so I thought I'd add them now. I also was right about the names of the other two ladies. They were Teri & Diana. I thought so but was afraid to say until I was sure. HI GALS!!!!!!!


Left side: (starting from front)my sister Michele, Teri, ME

Right side: (front) Mom, Jules, Amy & Robin

Kip was photographer & Diana was in the store.

Photo 2- Lunch time

Left to right: Jules, Me, Mom, Kip (standing), Michele & Diana

There should be a group shot, including Lisa the store owner, as soon as Jules gets it up on her blog.

EDIT TWO: I just realized that Jules is holding a BEER in the "lunch" picture. Since I have a blue can in front of me I thought I would clarify that I was drinking COKE. Goodness knows I can't walk & chew gum at the same time (jessie!!!) so don't think for a moment I can drink & crop. Not that there is anything wrong with the people that can. I just had to much to do that day and was to far from home to drink anything stronger than soda. Actually, if I thought I could create the incredible things that Jules does after her one beer....I'd say sign me up!!!


just-jessie said...

You crazy scrapbooker you! Now I know you can blog about your scrapping, but can you scrap about your blog? Huh? Does that make sense? I'm tired. See you Tuesday :)

Jenn said...

Even though I KNOW Grandma isn't going to be happy to see her pics on there, I am! Thanks...I sure do miss all of you.

I am glad to hear you had a great Sat. you ever stay home??? LOL You are always running like a headless chicken, huh?


just-jessie said...

Yes, you definitely couldn't scrap and drink. Shoot you can't talk and type. LOL. Love you! Jessie