Monday, January 22, 2007

19 years ago

I was recovering from an "emergency" C-section after delivering my beautiful daughter. She loves to tell the story that "She almost died" when she was born.

It really wasn't that bad, my blood pressure dropped and her heart rate dropped and they decided to do the C-section. 19 years ago, they didn't "turn you on your left side" like they do today to try & correct the heart rate drops. I had another C-section when I delivered her brother 7 years later because he was TO BIG. Maybe I just wasn't built to birth babies but the story makes her feel "Special".

I got to have lunch with her Friday. It was nice to see her. Her schedule is so hectic that you have to be penciled in to get some time with her. She had two KD events yesterday, and has class today, and then I'm sure her friends want to do something tonight so Friday was my only chance.


Til later................


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your DD! I was born via c-section for the same reasons!!

Jenn said...

Ah! Tell her I said Happy Belated Birthday & Much Love from the family in GA!