Thursday, January 18, 2007

Call 2-from my mother

Just about the time I've gotten calmed down from the Coach Reed phone call (see post below before reading on), my mother calls. Seems a student at USF has dropped dead while working out in the campus gym. I had already spoken to my DD so I knew she was alright and my second thought was that my nephew (who is also attending USF) wouldn't be in a gym so why was she calling?? She then informs me that my nephew had started working out recently and she had been unable to reach him on his cell phone. I talked her though enough to calm down a bit and gave her the phone number of the campus housing. She said there was to be a news conference in a few minutes about it so she'd watch and call me back. (Side bar....besides having two kids directly involved in the school- I WORK on the campus so the news was a little unnerving to hear something like this had happened so close by)
She called me back as I was talking to HSS (to ask him to check the news reports) and said it was one of the USF football players and that she had spoken with DN-he'd been in class and that's why he didn't answer his phone earlier. He hadn't heard anything about the guy and the gym.
I don't have any details but the whole thing is upsetting. It is always sad when a young person dies but this one will hit so close to home with our association to the school. I'm sure it will be all over campus before I get to work today. How how awful for his family. No matter what my DS does at school, that sort of phone call is one I pray I NEVER receive.
Go hug your kids and say a prayer for the family of #10 of the USF Bulls.


Michele L from Tampa said...

Keeley Dorsey, a 19-year-old first-year player for USF, collapsed and died Wednesday afternoon while working out at the USF athletic facility. Police and emergency medical teams responded to the situation shortly before 2 p.m. And transferred Dorsey to University Community Hospital, where he died at 2:34 p.m.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of death.

Dorsey, a graduate of Tallahassee's Lincoln High School, was one of six players who saw game action as true freshman during the 2006 season, finishing with 10 carries for 66 yards and a touchdown. The 5-foot-11, 210-pound running back scored a 52-yard touchdown on the final play of USF's 41-10 win against McNeese State in the season opener.

just-jessie said...

So sad. Prayers for the family.

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