Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Computer challenged

I was going to post some cute photos of DS in his Karate uniform (gee..sp??) but I decided to try & make a watermark first. Apparently I need several hours more research or I should just break down & pay to have one made. I printed off directions but then discovered they were using PhotoShop and not Paintshop like I have. (DUH!!) I cleaned off the computer of junk we don't use & loaded stuff that was suppose to make the stupid thing but I can't get it worked out yet. Now I have junk back on my computer that I don't know if I need or not. Darn it!!!

House was FAB as always. Got to see a glimpse into why he is the way he is. So much pain in that man. Guess if he gets "fixed" he wouldn't be House. More IDOL tonight. Then we get ready to get "To it". Always love the auditions. Can't wait to find the person we will root for during this season. What did you think about the kid who wanted to make David Hasselhoff cry? To funny. He actually reminded me of my nephew. Not so much in looks but in the dry humor. Think they will let him keep his hair? It's always funny to see what they "do" with the contestants.

I've been tapped to attend a meeting today that will keep me "at work" until 7pm. Before work I have to run by HSS's doc & pu scripts so I can drop them off at the Walgreens. Guess that means I better get moving. How ironic that ever since I printed a schedule that says I work from 8:30-4:30 I haven't made it in before 10am. Darn Blog! LOL.

Til Later.......................


Michele L from Tampa said...

Excuse me????? "He actually reminded me of my nephew. Not so much in looks but in the dry humor"

Oh ok after reading about 20 times, you meant that he did not look like the guy, but he had the same dry humor? Ok

Jenn said...

LMAO! Chele must not watch AI b/c if she did she'd know you werent putting him down! LOL I know exactly what you meant...he did sorta remind me of "nephew" as well, lol, especially the t-shirt w/ the jacket. The hair..wild.

I love A.I. but I'm really ready for the SINGING part to start. I loved Chris Daughtry from last season and after he didn't win I wasn't interested. (He's got a great song our right now though.)

I could talk A.I. all day..better hush for now.

Love ya