Wednesday, January 31, 2007

EDIT to earlier post

I need to clarify something from my earlier post.

When I said the boy last night on AI reminded me of my nephew I meant in his DRY HUMOR. I did not mean to imply that he (my nephew) wasn't good looking-or the boy on AI for that matter. He (my nephew) is very cute but it's his humor I appreciate the most. Being a smart A&& myself, I really love dry humor. C has that. He is also so quiet that when he speaks it's always a surprise...then usually what he says cracks me up.

Sorry sis.

((I think his mom is just alittle bleary eyed from her weekend in the cold north but I didn't want anyone else to be confused. If you've read my previous posts you know how I feel about people being judged for their looks. I would NEVER imply someone shouldn't have an opportunity because the do not "Look" a certain way. BTW, did anyone see the year Ruben Studdard won AI?? He certainly didn't match the judges idea of the "perfect idol". The man could sing and that was all that mattered. I do however wish that Clay Akin would go back to his former hair style. The current one is kinda scary. I still love his voice though. ))

Crap, the more I try to get out of this hole the deeper I dig myself in. :-0


Michele L from Tampa said...

:) Thanks! I think the eyes are a little weary! I re-read the post numerous times before I realized what you meant. I was at first ...WTF? lol Yep, my quiet biy is a trip when ever he does speak.

love ya!

Jenn said...

Clay Aiken...SSSSSSSSCAREY! He came out at the finale least season and I wanted to hide!

Taylor Hicks wasn't very "pop-ish" either.

So far in the audtions there isn't ONE person that had stood out enough for me to say, "ohh I'm going for him/her" Last year I was a Chris Daughtry fan from Auditions till he was voted off. We shall see.

Love ya