Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spanking issue

Warning............I am about to climb on my soapbox so if you do not wish to hear my views, good day sir!! I wasn't going to bring this up but I just read a story by my dear niece and want her to know I stand behind her 100000000000000000 percent.

I heard yesterday that California (big surprise) is talking about passing a LAW that you can't spank a child under the age of 4.

OMG! I work for the State of Florida. I know what can happen when people abuse their children. I know that spanking can be taken to far. But to make it a LAW that you can't spank your own child, bring the cuffs because NO ONE is going to tell me how to discipline my own kid.

Do these people not read the news? Do they not see what the "young people" of this country are doing because the last generation of parents were told that they should give their kids the "freedom of expression"? Freedom of expression my ASS.

As soon as the temperature of this country turned away from parents, teachers & even next door neighbors disciplining our children, the nation went to hell in a hand-basket. Before you get all "up in my face" let me remind you that I'm not that old. I have also lived with children that are mentally ill. I experienced the reality that spanking a child with Bi-polar disorder does nothing but hurt your hand. Having lived through that, I still believe that children need discipline. If "time outs" don't work I say a little swat on the butt is called for.

I'll admit to "flicking" my DD across the lips a time or two for smarting off to me. If there is no statue of limitations on that, bring it on. I can proudly say that she turned out to be a pretty good kid. She also learned not to smart off to me, at least not in my presence.

I welcome your comments.


just-jessie said...

Have you met my Olivia? Obviously I need to be in favor of discipline and sometimes spanking is part of that. I think parents *need* to be more strict with their children these days. We are very loving with ours, but also let them know who's in charge (and it aint them!). I shudder to think what the future generations will be like if they're raised with the absence of discipline.

I don't think spanking is for every child. My oldest has been spanked maybe twice and he's very respectful. Olivia, however, can be very defiant and a little whoop on her butt is sometimes just what she needs.

I say this with the full support of my (law enforcement) husband :)

Jenn said...

I've been so sick but mustered up the energy to read some blogs, feel special
Well, You know how I feel about the spanking issue. I don't condone beating a child but I do feel there is time when a spanking is in order. I've put a dab of soap in Dylan's mouth for biting the bejezus out of Gavin and he's never done it again! When I heard this crazy person on the today show talking about passing a law in California to make spanking a misdemeanor, all I could think was this country is losing it!
I could go on and on but I promise I won't. &hears;Jenn