Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Middle of the road

I was going to say "Hump Day" but everyone's blog will probably say that so I had to be different. I guess I could say, "Trash Day" since that's what it is in our neighborhood.

I have to tell a short story that only my scrap-booking friends will appreciate. The rest of you "talk among yourselves".
I'm having a small "mini" crop at my Community Clubhouse this Friday. I called the clubhouse director to firm up plans and discuss the do's & don'ts of the event. (First you have to understand that they are so clueless about what we do that when I asked to have it put into the newsletter, it came out "Kids Arts & Crafts") Anyway.. So Dan says he will be changing the signs at the entrances to the subdivision and will put the event on them.

Cool, thinks I.

I drive in through the main entrance last night and look at the sign.

I almost drove off the road laughing.

For all the community to see,

is a sign,

advertising that this Friday night,

from 7-11, will be

Scrape booking .

Now you may say that it was a typo. I guarantee that when I talk to Dan later today, he will have NO CLUE that he misspelled the word.

So, as promised, I didn't watch the President last night. In honor of my sister (HI MICHELE) I will not mention the great country to our North. I won't say a word about the State of our Union. Don't tell me. I want to enjoy my day.

We did watch AI. I agree that the judges are being harder on people than in previous years. Case in point, I think that the first girl would have made it to Hollywood before this years auditions. Maybe it's better they don't send tons of people only to dash their hopes & dreams on the first day. Maybe they are getting a BONUS for every dollar they save the show, NOT sending a looser out there. We agree that the first thing they are going to do is cut the hair of the "Castro looking" guy. He looked like he had potential. To bad the world counts looks so highly. Can you imagine paying to see him in concert with that hair & beard? We are to shallow a people for that. Clean him up & put him in designer clothes and he'll sell the place out.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

I'm going to go read all my fav blogs. Hopefully they will have posted by now. I was soooooooo happy to see "Jane" back from her Vegas trip. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

OH, I almost forgot. DS made the Honor roll at his school. He got 2 c's but I guess the rest of the grades pulled his average up to a 3.2 and that eeked him in. He was so proud of a metal dog tag on a chain that he got for it during a ceremony yesterday at school. Bad mommy that I am, I forgot he said I could attend. I had those two meetings at work but I would have blown them off to see my baby get an award. He wore the dog tag to school today. I hope the other kids don't make fun of him. Wearing it on the day you get it is one thing but I don't know what the "rules" are for wearing it after that.

Till later.............

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Jenn said...

congrats to my cousin on the honor roll. Keep up the good work!