Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mystery Box

One of the talented bloggers that I read daily, recently offered a "Mystery Box" for $20. She was cleaning out her stash and didn't want to hassle with Ebay. I figured I'd take a chance and contacted her about buying one. She said that depending on how many people wanted one, she would divide up the stuff between them. Apparently only 6 people jumped on the offer by her deadline so each of us got a box that weighed an average of 10-14 lbs. My box arrived last night.

I was a good girl and made dinner before tearing into it. The picture shows most of what was inside. Just about all of the products were from Stampin UP. They are all used but somethings are just about full (the 2 re-inkers). Of the rubber stamps at least half look like they've never been used. There is a ton of paper, ribbon, buttons, a blending pen, a marker that matches one of the 4 ink pads, a footprint punch (which my son immediately played with), watercolor pencils (half are half used and the rest are much larger), a full jar of green embossing powder, a paperbag project, ruler, deco scissor, a Lg. tray for embossing/bead application, two old idea books, some hand made cards & some blank cards & envelopes.

I am very pleased with my haul and can't wait to start playing. I really want to learn how to use the watercolor pencils & blending pen. Hopefully I've have some examples for you in the next few days (weeks).

Till later...........
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just-jessie said...

Goodness...looks like a scrapebooker's dream (did I spell that right? LOL) Are you going to work today or is the temptation to use that new stuff too much? I'll see you tomorrow :)