Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday musings

Is that even the right word? Anyway.. Good morning all. Not a lot to talk about today. The weather sucks and it is supposed to get colder & rainier (again with the weird word!). Yes, I know that having temps in the 50's with some rain is not as bad as some folks have it. I live in Florida because I don't want to be in 6 ft. snow drifts. It is supposed to be a calm 70 degrees year round. That's what I want. If I wanted to freeze I'd move.
I have two meetings at work so have to be brief.
Last nights shows were all good. Haven't had a chance to watch Heros so don't anyone tell me anything about it. Looking forward to American Idol from Memphis tonight. As for the presidents speech, my HSS has promised we don't have to watch it. We have tons of recorded stuff to keep us happy. You all watch for me and let me know if it is time to pack my DS clothing to ship him to Canada. I understand there will be talk about Taxing Health Care coverage from your employer. Since I DO NOT HAVE any health care, and certainly none that my employer is kicking in for, I really don't have any interest in that topic. Since I hope to have coverage in the future I should care but lets face it, he's going to do what ever he's been told is best for the country so my watching his lips move or not won't change anything.
I got an email from one of my readers telling me about her recent experience trying to order from a fast food joint. Now I understand she lives in South Florida but to discover that NO ONE spoke English at the drive thru and she was told to COME INSIDE to order.
I will not get started on that subject again. You can scroll down and read or reread my thoughts in the "ENGLISH" post. Good grief!!!
Make it a great day and please leave a post , at least about my poor cards? I'm feeling unloved.
Till later................


Michele L from Tampa said...

Would you stop with the comments about shipping michael to Canada? Uhm, your son is how old? Mine is how old? Who should be worried more at this point? Can I get a ME!!!!!!

just-jessie said...

Que? No comprendo esto post. LOL