Monday, January 22, 2007

A little justice for Dungy

Ok, so this is my third post of the morning....sue me!
I am so HAPPY for Tony Dungy and his Colts. I watched every minute of the game yesterday and was about to have a heart attack during the second half.
When the Colts player almost fumbled the ball late in the 4th quarter, I actually screamed for the second the ball was in the air-before he caught it again.
You must understand.....I was born in New England but come on.........they have won enough.
No one deserves to go to the Super Bowl more than Tony Dungy and I will be holding my breath during the entire game, hoping that he wins.
After what the Bucs did to him
and then after his team got so close last year
and then the tragedy with his son.
NO one could deserve to play in Super Bowl 40 more than they nicest man in national football.
I hope he wins and shows the same humility and grace he has always shown.....and I hope the Glaziers feel bad (at least for a minute) for how they treated him.
Go COLTS!!!!!

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