Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Went by the school

yesterday and wandered around. There was a lot of activity so we shouldn't have any trouble doing our thing. There was football practice (why?? they don't play again until September), some ROTC kids, some students in the auditorium practicing something and others just milling around out front. I confirmed with the football coach that they practice on Thursday too. Not sure about the "drama" kids, I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone. That may kill our thought of sneaking into the balcony so the beautiful stained glass windows would be in the background. Football stadium is out due to practice and the fact they are tearing down the gym and the place is a MESS. There were janitors doing their thing and NO ONE tried to stop me as I walked around the inside of the building so we may at least get some photo ops near the trophy cases. There is always plan C..the front yard. The sun was behind the building enough to make a great photograph. There is a large tree out front that we could stand under if it's hot. I feel a bit better after scoping it out.

I then headed to University Sq. Mall (ARG!!!! I HATE malls!!) Went to Payless and found a pair of schools for DS. (of course when I got home and he tried them on-to big. Back there today and hope they have a smaller size) I went into several other stores trying to find a shirt for HSS and a different outfit for myself. VERY depressing. If I had tons of money I could find something I like and that FITS! All the stuff in my size and at the price I'd pay..not so good. Or, if I wanted to wear a Prom dress..we'd be in business. Good thing I still have time to look. Or, I end up wearing the "Mother of the bride" looking outfit.

I told HSS my dismay at not being a skinny bride and he said (after previously telling me several times that it doesn't matter a lick to him-he loves me & did 25 pounds heavier ago)that if I ever get to a weight I feel better at, we can renew our vows and take new pictures. THAT is exactly my problem, the pictures. I know he would love me no matter what, I just hate the thought of pictures of the beige whale forever etched in our wedding photos. ARG!!!

Made it home last night just in time for AI. Still loving Phil (the first guy-cue ball head) but have trouble with his bald head. Yes, I know I've discussed being shallow about peoples appearances but I just can't get past the small ears sticking out of his bald head with those piercing blue eyes. LOVE his voice though. Very much still loving Chris (curly hair-funny). His voice is amazing and doesn't match his appearance either.

Good grief, maybe I am shallow. Sure sounds like it today.

Back to AI...Does anyone watch Prison Break??? There is a character on PB that looks (at least to me) just like the tall contestant on AI..the guy who is very tall, wore a black jacket & white tennis shoes. MY HSS thinks I'm crazy so I'm determined to find pictures of them and put them side by side so I can prove it to him. If you watch PB..imagine the character that just got to Mexico with his PG STRETCH him taller and make him African American and think of the AI contestant. ANYONE else see it?? Never mind.

DS was supposed to have a dental appointment but then his school went and had a fire yesterday, delaying the FCAT testing. The rescheduled the test for today and I didn't find out in time to cancel the dental appt. I'm going to take him to school and find out what time exactly the testing is and see if he can still go to the dentist and then make it back in time for FCAT. I need to get his watch out of hock from the principles office anyway..long story.

If you didn't vote for CAMI on MM AI...go do it!!

Til later...............


just-jessie said...

You crazy woman...who hates malls? Plus, you are so *not* a whale. Enjoy the wedding and marriage and all that stuff and stop being so hard on yourself.

Jenn said...

i'm confused, are you guys just taking pictures at the school or are you actually saying your vows at the school?

Cheryl said...

We are saying our Vows at the school :-) Then taking pictures around the campus. It's where we met so we wanted to get married where it all began.

BTW, glad to see you are Ok. We heard about the bad weather.