Friday, February 23, 2007


Since I took Monday off this was a short week. There has been some drama at work so that has made it feel longer but hopefully everything will get smoothed out soon. I've asked them to play nice until the end of that to much to ask?? I really don't want people fighting at my reception. I have people I could invite if I wanted that kind of tension!

OK, lets recap last night.......

AI...I guessed who was going home before they announced it. No surprises. They are getting predictable with the way they line the people up.

Grey..excellent. I had read a spoiler that said someone WAS going to die but I really never believed it would be Meredeth. The spoiler said someone would die NEXT week too. HMMMMM. I also saw where they are tapping Addison for a spin off with "Taye Diggs". Since they haven't run that episode yet, I don't think it would be her already. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned.

I haven't watched ER yet so don't tell me anything. We watched CSI instead. I love how they are dragging out the romance between Sarah & Grissom. When he came back from his "teaching" gig, he looked like he wanted to tell her how strongly he really feels but they kept it coolish. I liked last nights ending. Glad to see the beard is coming off. I prefer him clean shaven. Now if we could get Stokes to grow his hair back..I'd be a happy girl.

I have a Mini crop scheduled at my community clubhouse tonight. I'm pretty sure only one other person is going to show up but since I scheduled it for the community I kinda have to go. My scrapyard friends are having a party tonight that I'll be missing. HI GALS!!!!!! Have fun. See ya soon.
I'm planning on working on an album to send to my MIL with wedding/reception photos. I doubt she'll be able to come down in person. I really wish she could but traveling is difficult on her and I don't want to cause her any pain. Hopefully we'll be able to visit soon and share the memories with her in person.

Bought some decorations for the reception last night. They had Valentines stuff 75% off at Michaels. Now if I can just make the stuff look nice & not ex-Valentines tacky I'll be a happy girl. Good thing I'm going with a Red & Black theme.

I'm gonna take DS shopping this weekend for a wedding outfit and then we are going to work on cleaning out the garage. I have one last storage unit I'd like to get rid of and can't until the garage is ready to receive all the crap. I'd love to be able to park INSIDE the garage but not sure I can get things that neatly arranged.

I hope you all have a fun weekend. Second NASCAR weekend so HSS is excited. Play nice and check back, I may get a chance to post over the next two days.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no Meredith died??? I have the last 3 episodes to be watched, just haven't had the time. OMG I've got to watch it this weekend and see what I've missed. I can't believe it! Is she REALLY dead? Or is it a dream thing like Dallas was?!