Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feel like I should post

but I don't want anyone to miss the BIG PICTURE from yesterday. Make sure you read Mondays post.

DD****PLEASE SKIP THIS POST and go down to the one from Monday. Mommy needed to vent and I know you don't want to read it.

OK, what happened since Friday??

DS went to his dads for the long weekend. As expected, his dad didn't enforce the restriction to my liking. When I called him on it he said he wasn't going to spend the weekend inside because DS was being punished. OK, I understand ..going outside and getting exercise is one thing as you both need it BUT going to a MOVIE??? Hmmmmm. Yep, great parenting. Thanks for your support. No wonder the boy didn't want to come home yesterday. Our house is the PUNISHMENT house. Oh, and don't give me the speech about how you had a long talk with him about the error of his ways & how he should do better. Yeah, sure dad..now can we go to the Movies cause that will really make me want to do better.

My DD will be mad at me for posting that (and this). She gets upset when I say things about her dad. Well, if he would support the efforts we are trying to use to make her brother understand that punishment is not supposed to be fun...that's why it is called punishment...I wouldn't feel the need to express my anger in a public forum. Freedom of speech remember?

Saturday I redid the scraproom closet. It took most of the day because I spent several hours looking for the storage system that I thought would work best. I finally decided on a wire shelf unit from Lowes. It took longer to put together than I expected and I finally had to recruit my HSS to help but it finally came together. Everything that had been in the closet and MORE went back into the closet since the shelving worked better than what I had in there before. I have a before but not the after picture. I'll add that later.

Sunday, worked in the scraproom again & then brought stuff out into the living room so I could watch the race with HSS. WOW!!!! I really didn't like the finish but man it was exciting!

Attended a CYBER baby shower Sunday night. It was fun but not the same as being there even though the Hostess sent us all a box of "snacks" to enjoy while we "attended". We even played 2 games which I sucked at. Piece of advise..never play a game about Farm animals with three gals from TEXAS.

Monday night shows rocked as always. We watched what could be the LAST -Studio 60. Really made me sad. And MAD at all of you that didn't watch. I can't believe the show they chose to replace it. Guess that just shows the level....sorry...I don't want to insult my friends and loyal readers. I KNOW it's not your fault Studio 60 was "replaced"...I just have no one else to rant to. Last nights show was a perfect example of why we will miss it...really quick-dry humor, funny on so many levels and we enjoyed "Chandler" NOT being "Chandler". So sad.

OK, please check out the post below if you tuned in late yesterday and didn't see the news. I must run..meeting at work and I didn't work yesterday so should make up some hours. Have a great day and if you see my DD, remind her that I love her and am only trying to make her brother turn out as well as she has..despite how she feels about me right now.

Parenting sucks!!

Till later.........................

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