Monday, February 5, 2007

TAXES and Dungy

Sorry I'm late this morning. Did ya miss me? I tried to finish my taxes yesterday and it kept closing down because of a fault with my Ebay toolbar. I gave up after 4 tries and went to watch the game.


YEAH COLTS. Great game. I almost had a heart attack in the first 14 seconds of the game but steadied myself and rooted for my "adopted" team. I was still biting my fingers at the end, even with the lead and under 2 minutes left. I'm afraid I've been watching the BUCS for to many years to feel comfortable until the time runs completely out! I told my HSS that Coach Dungy probably felt the same way..LOL!

I must say I am so impressed with Coach Dungy's grace and the way he handles himself. I was very pleased to hear him say that as proud as he is to be the first African American coach to win a Super Bowl, he was more pleased with the way he & Coach Smith showed that Christian coaches can lead a team and win without doing any of the "junk" other coaches do. He's a great role model for everyone.

BTW, who else was disappointed in the commercials? Really subpar this year. The only one I really enjoyed was the Oprah/David Letterman one. I actually laughed out loud at that one. If you didn't find it as funny as I did you must not be a DL watcher and remember the "Oprah count down". The only other one I can remember liking at all was......hmmmmmm...I can't think of another one. Even the Bud commercials weren't as good as in years past. I liked the Dog that got dirty and got to sit on the Bud Wagon.
EDIT: My DS reminded me about the Cat wranglers. That was cute. He said he wished it was a real job. LOL!

OK, back to my taxes. I tried again this morning and it threw me out again. Since I never use the Ebay tool bar I went in & deleted it off my computer and then went back to Turbo tax and it went right through. I got it done and e-filed. I'm getting back $7 less than last year, even with buying the house. Guess it will count more after a full year of paying interest on the loan.

So, taxes are filed-Colts are World Champs-I got to see my neice/nephew in law & their kids-they got home safely-my son is home-my DD got to see the family-my HSS loves me----what more could I need or want?

Til later.......

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Jenn said...

I was REALLY impressed with the Coach giving all his glory to God. In this day and time its VERY rare for someone, especially a COACH, to remember to put God before all!