Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I finally found a pair of shoes for myself. Now to find a pair for the boy.

Not alot to say this morning. I'd really like to go back to bed but must pay the bills. Overcast and cool. Supposed to rain off & on all week. That's ok. Get it out of your system before next week.

Firmed up plans with my friend that is taking pictures for us (HI CARI!!!!). Spoke with the notary and she is still a go. 9 days!!

I went ahead and turned my calendar so I could see the month of March. So much going on I'm going to need a nap when it's over.

Anyone have access to a beach house?? I'd love to lay on the beach for a couple days and let the wind whip through my ears.

Hope you have a great Tuesday. TV-American Idol tonight. Voting finally started for MM Idol. Check out my buddy Cami's LO. It only takes a minute to sign up to vote. (see link in previous post) I actually had to sign up again because I FORGOT my log on info. That's what I get for doing it from work. I didn't write it down in my "log in book".

Til later................

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Cami said...

woohoo! Found some shoes! Hope you find the shoes for 'the boy'. :)

Also just wanted to say thanks for voting for me today! You're the best Cheryl!!!!! MWAH!

Oh how I wish I had a beach house...