Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend musings

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I haven't accomplished the BIG garage clean out but have done some other things that needed doing. (Sorry about the wonderful sentence structure.)

Got up early yesterday and went to town to get HSS's meds and then went back out to yard sale my brains out. There were three community sales near by and I didn't want to miss them. I didn't realize that two of them would be the kind where you must park your car & walk for miles cause there isn't room for traffic to drive thru the parks. I was worn out by the time I finished. I didn't find any great treasures, mostly more craft stuff. I saw some stuff that I would have bought if I was still selling antiques but since I'm not I actually left them for other folks.

After the sales I took DS shopping for wedding clothes. First I had to tell him about the wedding. He took it well. His exact words were, " Since it's not my wedding, I don't care" What that apparently means is, that he is fine with it and what's the big deal?

He was helpful at the craft store as I tried to pick out "flowers" to make the bouquet and boutonnieres. We must have spent over an hour but finally made a corporate decision. It may look stupid but we will have flowers darn it!

Next we went to Bealls for clothes. I have my mind set on a Red & Black theme to go with the High School. I found him a black shirt that has white & red pin stripes. It is a short sleeve shirt as we decided a boy of his age didn't have to wear long sleeves for an outdoor wedding. I also found an outfit. It fits but it makes me look like a 48 1/2 yr old woman. Don't remind me that I am, in fact, a 48 1/2 yr old woman. I don't FEEL that old so it is distressing when I look in the mirror and see an Old woman staring back at me. I bought the outfit, just in case. We next went to Target to find pants and shoes and a belt for DS. Found pants but no shoes or belt.

By that time we'd been shopping for 6 hours. I really don't like shopping and especially with other people so I was ready to come home. Fell asleep at 8:30pm. Gosh, maybe I AM an old woman.

Tried the shopping thing again this afternoon. I was going to try to do the garage cleaning but the weather was making my head hurt. Decided to try looking for shoes & the belt again. Probably should have done the garage. Finally found a belt and picked up another pair of pants, just in case. The shoe selection at WALMART was horrid. The only reason I was at walmart was because HSS had a huge shopping list and where else can you get Bathroom cleaning supplies, donuts, a belt and lightbulbs all at the same place?? Not to mention I can use my SAMS card there and since it was just paid off...I had $$ to burn, so to speak.

Tried one more time at Pay Less Shoes and still no luck. I can't stand not being able to find what I need. I'm trying not to stress out about it. If he has to wear his Black tennis shoes, so be it. This wedding has already had enough drama just getting to this point. Not much can faze us.

I came home, ate, read the paper and thought about taking a nap. Decided that was to "lazy" so came and got caught up on all my blog friends. Since I was here I decided I'd check in and let you know I was still alive.

OH, I almost forgot..Friday night my friend Nicole and I went to the community "scrapbooking mini crop". Since it wasn't in the newsletter we didn't expect much of a turn out. We were right. No worries. Nicole actually got a LO finished and I stamped & colored 35 wedding cakes. I'm going to use them for the Reception invite. Yep, making my own invites. And decorations. Man, I sure hope I can get some help with the reception clean up. I don't need to do it ALL.

Make it a great week. Oscars tonight. I've got the DVR set, I just like to see the outfits anyway. FCAT starts tomorrow for DS. Hope he does well.

Till later...................


Cami said...

You sure are a busy girl! My goodness! We missed you the other night!!! Glad to hear you and Nicole got some work done though. :)

Jenn said...

You sure had a busy weekend. I think Mike has a cavalier attitude now but you may wanna watch for rebellion later. He may be holding it in since he doesn't want to ruffle anymore feathers while on restriction, lol. I'll shut up, no jinxing.