Wednesday, February 7, 2007

DD dropped by

my office as promised yesterday. She had gotten her hair cut and had told me it was shoulder length with bangs. You can't tell from this picture but it was longer than shoulder and the "bangs" were basically just cut hair framing her face. I'll post another picture below that shows it better.

I took her to the nearby school cafe because she was starving. All they had left (they were closing) was chicken salad. They made her a huge sandwich and she wolfed it down.

It's a good thing she stopped by because we got out the calendar and I wrote down her schedule (as best she could remember it) for the next few months. I did find out she is going on Spring Break the 9th of March so that really messed up my proposed wedding plans. ARG!!! Oh and speaking of plans, she saw that I had things written down for this Saturday. She sheepishly asked how long the first one was going to last because she had KD parent weekend events she'd forgotten to tell me about. YES, scheduled for this Saturday. OK so now I have a pancake breakfast in the clubouse (I also want to drop by the rescheduled yard sale that was rained out last wekend) then I need to meet her in Tampa for a BBQ and Bowling event and then I have a crop scheduled IN MY HOUSE that evening. No worries. My HSS keeps the house spotless, I'll make the brownies on Thursday night and I'll be back in plenty of time. At least she didn't call me that morning as she could have.

DS gets his progress report today. Last night at dinner we were discussing what it might contain. I asked him what he thought he was going to get and he said he didn't know. I explained that he could figure it based on the papers & tests he'd been getting back from his teachers. He didn't understand how. I explained that if he was getting "A's" he'd get an A on his report, "B's" would mean a "B" and so on. He wishy washed about his scores so HSS advised him to enjoy his TV, computer & video games because they may be gone soon. LOL!!

OH, I almost forgot. DD informed me she has gotten three parking tickets(on campus) in the last 2 weeks. She wanted my help paying them as she has no money. (SIDEBAR--I bought her a USF parking permit for her birthday recently so there is NO excuse for getting a ticket, let alone 3 in less than 2 weeks). What would you have told her?

I hope you have a great day and I'll leave you with another picture from DD's visit. Funny how she ALWAYS takes a perfect picture. My hair looked really great & I wore makeup (Shocking)yet I look awful in the shot.
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Jenn said...

I didn't get any pics of Jess when we saw her. Those are some great pics that you got. I just love her hair that color. I hope Mike does well on his Progress REport...Tyler should be getting his this week or next.

Love ya

Cami said...

cute pics - her hair is gorgeous. good luck to ds on his progress rept!

BTW - I'll be in St Pete all day Saturday - but advised DH that I MUST be back in time for the crop. can't wait for a of my all time fave crop snacks! see ya!