Thursday, February 8, 2007

DS Progress Report Update

I know you are all waiting for the results of DS progress report.

Are you sitting down?

Have you taken your Blood Pressure medication?

Do you have anything sharp nearby that you could hit your jaw on when it drops?

OK....drum roll.................................

3 F's
2 D's
1 C

Enough said.

Visiting hours at the jail are from 6-7pm.


Anonymous said...

Oh no Cheryl! I was SO hoping for a different outcome! I read the grades and my hand actually went up over my mouth and I gasped! If it's any consolation I've been there before (remember I have 3 boys! They're older now and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you & him, I promise!)

Cheryl said...

Thanks Lisa, I'm so angry I can't see straight. You would think after last night he would go to school and do everything in his power to do his work.

Wrong. I spoke with two of his teachers and the first period one said he only did half his assignment today.


Jenn said...

OH MY GOODNESSSS! He must be glutton for punishment!! He got it didn't he!

nicolby7 said...

Finally got on here to post. Geez Cheryl, is he getting bread and water? I don't know how I'd keep from killin him! hahahaha