Monday, February 26, 2007

10 days and counting


Thought I'd pop on and say good morning. I'm going to Target to return one of the pair of pants before work so can't chat long.

Hope all your favorites won the Oscar last night. I haven't seen any results so don't tell me. We hit the sack at 10pm since there wasn't anything on but the Oscars. I'll catch up soon.

FCAT starts today. Hopefully the DS will do well. This restriction stuff is wearing thin on my nerves.

PRISON BREAK and 24 tonight. Would also be the night for Studio 60 but we all know what happened with that so 'nuff said! I hope you remember to boycott the new show. Three nights of Idol this week. ER is gone until APRIL. What's up with that?? Is it time for Basketball or Hockey playoffs or something?? It's just as well. With all the wedding and reception stuff, not to mention two BIG scrapbooking events I'm going to, who has time for TV??

Don't forget to sign up for the reminders and VOTE for my friend Cami on MM Idol. She posted her 1st LO for her peeps to see and it is AMAZING as always. Very Cool, Very Cami!! I can't wait to scrap with her on the 10th and then I get to spend the weekend with her on the 23-24th. WAHOO. (Cari-I love you too!)

Ok, you need to stop talking to me now. I told you I need to leave soon and there are still bathroom things to be done, Coffee to drink....

Til later..................

EDITED**** Note to self, if you do NOT want to know anything about the Oscar winners before you watch the show..DO NOT read Kips blog. ARG, spoiler!!! LOL. It's my own Darn fault. I should have turned off the computer when I said I was going to. WTG-JH!

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